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Hi, I am Dp Vishwakarma and I am a freelance SEO consultant and SEO expert based in Delhi, India. I am leading an SEO company (KeywordsFly), a Blogging community (BloggerWlogger) and I also run a Blog and lead as a Digital Marketing and SEO Marketing Blogger. I work full time for myself and my SEO and Marketing clients. I have worked full time as a Digital Marketing team leader and SEO manager for reputed Digital marketing agencies and some start-ups based in Delhi and NCR region, India. Now I have clients from all over the world. I have also many websites which help me to generate passive income.

I have left my great permanent jobs only for the one reason, I wanted to do some extra in my life and not ready to work in 9 to 6 time period. I chose this profession to help small and medium businesses in Delhi NCR but not now helping businesses across all India and the world.

When I was started my SEO journey I worked as an SEO executive in a very small start-up company and ranked some keywords unknowingly. Now I can rank Keywords with full confidence. According to my SEO journey, SEO is not rocket science. It is a mixture of art and science and it improves over time.

Why I choose SEO and What do I do in SEO?

By education, I am an engineer and I love research and planning plotting. After engineering, I got the chance to enter into this magical Digital Marketing and SEO world. I got training in full Digital marketing and Inbound Marketing field. My first love is SEO and Google Adwords. The art of lead generation from Google I know very well. In short, I would like to do organic SEO and Paid search campaigns on Google.

Really, SEO work for lead generation from Google?

I don’t know business ower’s what think about Digital marketing or an online advertisement. But I blindly believe in Digital Marketing and SEO. I got a lot of leads every day from Google through my personal website,

SEO Expert
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and my SEO company Website (KeywordsFly).

SEO Expert
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My website as it ranks high in search terms Like SEO Expert in Delhi, SEO Expert in India, SEO consultant in Delhi, SEO consultant in India, and many more keywords which generate great traffic on my site.

SEO Expert in India
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Just Know the basic of SEO Campaign: In simple words, I am trying to say you will generate high business from Google through an SEO campaign. Just start an SEO campaign as a video game and win all level one by one and finally got success.

If some person comes to me with bad website design and a lot of duplicate content and says they want to rank on Google first page within next 6 months and the most irritating thing is they don’t want to change design and content of the website. Then I would like to say “Not possible and I won’t handle this” because it can’t rank. But some freelancers and SEO agencies take these kinds of projects to earn money for a few months But I can not do that because I can understand the value of money and time of my clients.

Just know the protocol of SEO campaign. It starts with website design and layout and the architecture and content of the website. finally, use genuine business oriented keywords and link building activity.

Why do you need an SEO Campaign?

PPC is getting expensive every day and high competitors out there: On Google, there is two way to rank on the first page. First is PPC, It is a way to rank quickly by paying Google on the pay per click basis. This strategy is best for those businesses which have no leads from organic search results. But the cost of PPC has grown day by day due to competition and this will continue to grow as it a bidding model and it only works when you pay money to Google.

If you don’t want to invest money and want to more lead for a long time without paying money to Google, You can choose SEO campaign and invest time and get better and genuine results from Google search engine. The best search engine marketing strategy is to invest time in SEO and money in PPC and get high business from internet consumers. Even today I would suggest to my client that the market is not competitive for local keywords and local search market. Use local business related keywords. If you are new in the business but really have a great product or a service which people will like then SEO can really help you beat your competitors.

Why Most Business Persson Make SEO Mistakes and Are you one of them?

SEO is a technique and help to make the search engine friendly website which ranks high on the first page on Google. SEO always starts from the development of a website and implementing from the starting and make better. But after a developed website, a lot of difficulties faced in implementing SEO protocols. Most of the website development agencies or designer, developers don’t have experienced and no guidance on the best SEO friendly website.

If you really want to make a business from organic search engine results and get relevant customers then Hire freelance SEO consultant or SEO expert from the beginning of website design.

What factors matter for SEO success?

The architecture of any website does matters for SEO success and the Search engine robots or bots that visit the website once in a while and eager to see any new pages in the website, which they would like to rank if it can solve service related query of their search engine users. It is important to make your website eligible to rank on search engines. You must find search engine optimization expert who knows all basic and advanced techniques for your website and makes it 100% eligible to rank on search engines. The SEO is divided into two areas which is called ON page SEO and OFF page SEO.

What is on-page SEO? The game of Content and architecture:

The On-page SEO is all about website architecture, content and keyword targeting and Google or any search engine only understand content and sense of content what you offer to users. On-page SEO is the internal assessment of the website where the main focus is quality content with the full of keywords which is related to your business and service. My on-page SEO expert services can help you extract the maximum out of your website.

What is Off-site SEO? – Google Says “Natual Link Building”

Above we discussed content is all about but what if there are a lot of websites which have great content with the full of keywords and follows all on page SEO protocol but they still fighting for the first page of Google. Well On page SEO and Off-page SEO Both does matter because SEO strategies can be different for each business category.

Off page SEO logic so simple, Make the relationship with the same type of website and get a hyperlink (Link building) and get a natural link. Every link is counted as a positive vote for the website. Search engines like Google love these types of links and give more weight-age to this site.

The Overall Strategy

In a nutshell – this is what we need to do to move the needle with your SEO:

  1. Complete on-page optimization
  2. Create content related to targeted keywords
  3. Build backlinks
  4. Advise continually upon what you can do to support us

Hire SEO freelancer or SEO Company / Agency

Nowadays, In the Digital Marketing area, there are a lot of freelancers and SEO agencies out and some are giving fake service and making only money and not generating business of their clients. But I frankly say, there is no way to judge any freelancer or company. You have to trust any company or freelancer blindly.

However, in my past years experienced as an SEO consultant and Digital Marketing consultant, I observed that most SEO agencies work as a manufacturing company. They providing fake SEO service for a long time and waste clients money and time. They applying the same methodology to all SEO projects, But SEO works differently and according to the category of business.  I have experienced in both (Agency experience and Freelancer experience). I understand the client’s requirement, analyze the completion and them strategy and implement what is best for your business/industry.

Why Should Companies Hire SEO Consultant or SEO Expert?

This is a good question about why should companies hire an SEO consultant or SEO expert. The answer to this question is there is no way to find the right talent for SEO because most of the companies struggle to get the best one for an SEO campaign. This could be many reasons like- most of the agencies and freelancers making a fake impression and showing fake portfolio because they have a lack of knowledge, budget constraints, and previous bad SEO hiring experience. The fact is that in most of the agencies have a lot of SEO projects and very few people handle all SEO practices and using copy-paste marketing.

If you hire a single freelancer for your Digital Marketing or SEO campaign then that single freelancer can’t handle all activities and can’t give best for your SEO result. You have a better option to choose best SEO person who has good content marketers in their team because SEO results majority depends on the content and content optimization techniques. So you should go to Google and search Freelancer in your locality and hire one Local SEO consultant or SEO expert. If your company or anyone need an SEO consultant in Delhi or NCR reason then I will be available always. Presently, I am a full-time Digital marketing consultant and running an SEO company with highly active and talented experts including PPC expert, SEO Expert, Content Marketing expert, Content writers, and few more.

How much do I charge?

Money does matter for everyone and relationship does matter more the money that I believe. I am not too expensive than most of freelancers and SEO agencies in Delhi NCR India. I have my own SEO service charge and own strategies for best SEO results. I give personal attention to my client’s website and 200% to deliver results in minimum time. So before hiring any freelancer or SEO agency to think about me. I have a small team of designer, developer and SEO content writer. I manage every aspect of SEO for your project from design to content I give you SEO audit report in the last of the month which show all SEO activities of your website.

Can we meet and discuss or call you?

If you are living in Delhi or your company or service in the Delhi NCR then we can meet for a coffee. I will give a Small PPT to you about Digital Marketing or SEO campaign what we handle for you and what will we generate from the internet. If you are not from Delhi or India then we can talk through skype video call and It is a good way to meet face to face.

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You can fill the form or you can directly contact me through my personal Mail ( or Whatsapp at +91-8527675415 or Skype: dpvishwakarma

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