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Many well-known Digital Marketing Institutes, such as DSIM, PIMS, Digital Vidya, and EduPristine, has interviewed me. Furthermore, I have been featured in various reputed Hindi and English newspapers like New Indian Express, Patrika, Financial Express, News Track, APN News, Jagran, Zee business, Business World, Tribune, & Times of India. Want to see all stories?​ Visit here!

The Right Growth Plan Changes Everything

My deep passion for Growth Hacking combined with insights from helping over a hundred businesses and personal brands with growth marketing allows me to deliver speeches that garner top praise from conference attendees and organizers. The Formula is so simple. See below:

Growth Hacking = Mideset + Toolset + Skillset + Money Management

Here's My Story!

I’m an International Best Selling Author, World Record Holder, Indian internet entrepreneur, and Internet personality. Founder of the growth marketing company KeywordsFly Technology. I’m more known for my work in Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing for startups and businesses.

I’m also counted among India’s leading business and marketing consultants. I’m the co-author of the popular and award-winning book series- “The Growth Hacking Book.” I also hold a world record title in the ‘Golden Book of World Records for the feat of including the most number of nationalities contributing to a business book. I’m also a professional blogger, trainer, and speaker and My work methodology rests on providing the best possible tactics and practices that even a newbie can get hold of in a jiffy. I’m also a career coach and help numerous individuals to become their own bosses.

I learned internet-based skills, worked hard, and today! I can work from anywhere and earn as much money as I can. All I need is a digital device and good internet for this.


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Whatever I learned, I have a passion to teach people. And, I always try to help as much as I can with my skills. You can explore more about the area where I can help you for sure…
Midset Building

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Profile Auditing

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Budget & Investment Planning

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Reporting & Analysis

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Result Based Discussion

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"I have been very protective of my brand Rayon, and entrusting it with Dp Vishwakarma was a good decision. He has consistently given me good advice on how to build my brand's online presence, been available for consults at any time, and his work has shown quick and consistent results."
Salva Mubarak
Founder - Rayonmag
"I was introduced to Dp Vishwakarma by a friend who had been working with him for a few months. I have been working with Dp for almost 6 months now. It has been a pleasant experience up until now. He is very professional and delivers on time. I was very impatient to begin with and was expecting immediate results. He very patiently explained the process over and over. Now that it has been a few months - I can see visible results. Not only is he good with his work but he is also very approachable and is available to answer your questions and queries. If you are looking for someone to help you as an online consultant, I would recommend him."
Sanjyt Syngh
Creative Director
"DP is the example everyone would want to be when it comes to the quality of service. Personalized advice, concern as of a partner (not a vendor), detailed explanations of each query are some of his extraordinary virtues. No one can expect anything more from a service provider than what he provides. Keep up the great work!!"
Namita Santwani
Director -LearnOA
"DP Vishwakarma's "KEYWORDSFLY" can really give wings to your business!!!! Every business has a different need and unique crowd to capture, and a sense of clicking your audience is the need for digital marketing. Vishwa is a perfect consultant and his patience is the best part of him. There are a lot of ups and downs you can see during the digital promotion of your business, ultimately what you need is a smart and patient consultant. Thumbs up!!"
Apoorva Bhargav
CEO - Eden IAS


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