Digital Marketing Consulting

Why should Companies Hire Digital Marketing Consultant or Expert?

In most cases, companies struggle to get the right talent for Digital Marketing. This could be because of various reasons like – lack of knowledge, budget constraints, and previous bad Digital Marketing hiring experience.

The fact is that any good search engine optimization specialist who works with a digital marketing agency would hesitate to leave an agency and join your company which focuses only on your internal Digital marketing projects. Make sense? The best way out of this situation is to hire one local Digital Marketing Expert or consultant (Freelancer or a consultant from a company).


Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant From Delhi | India

I am running SEO, PPC, Social media campaign and Analytics Methodologies to help clients business and improve their online presence. I am working as a Digital Marketing consultant and living in Delhi, India but work with clients worldwide.

Strongly believe in the line – If you are not online, you are invisible to the world!

  • I’m a Digital Marketing consultant from New-Delhi.
  • I Started my career at age of 17 as Sales and Marketing Associate in Network marketing company.

I am capable of taking control of your entire Digital Marketing wing (or create one from scratch if you don’t have a Digital Marketing department).

Need help with Digital Marketing or Content Marketing? Need a leader who can guide a team of Digital Marketers? I am open to new opportunities with companies of good repute. I want to achieve excellence in Digital Marketing through continuous learning and innovative work. To be in healthy and futuristic working environment where I have opportunities to learn and enhance my knowledge. No one is good at everything. I am always in a mood for learning.

  • Seeking Position:  Digital marketing consultant and Digital Marketing Manager
  • Preferred Location: Delhi and NCR

Why am I considered as a Digital Marketing Expert | Consultant?

I have worked with many companies and did many freelancing projects. I have performed in many roles and made myself a multi-tasking person. I can deal with below roles.

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How much do I charge?

To be very honest, I do charge for each and the individual task of SEO, Social media Marketing, and etc.  So I could be expensive for you If you want quality results instead of quantity works. I can be a better option for your company or your brand than most of the freelancers and Digital Marketing agencies in Delhi NCR, India. I am expensive because I give personal attention to my client’s website, 3 times more time than any other Digital Marketing agency and give 200% to deliver results in minimum time. There is no point hiring a cheap Digital Marketing consultant (freelancer) if he fails to deliver any significant result and all the money is wasted for nothing.

Well, Looking for an Expert in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing to get more lead and sales? Just simply send me an email, I would like to help you. We can meet for a coffee if you are based in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon region. We can fix up a place which is central to our location and discuss your project. If you based out of Delhi or India then we can have a video skype call which is as good as a face to face meeting nowadays.

You can fill the form or you can directly contact me through my personal Mail (dpv.kiet@gmail.com) Or Call at (8527675415).