“Career Crush”, a book written by DP Vishwakarma aims to resolve the conflicts in mind while choosing a career option. There are tons of reasons behind writing this book, but before he reveals them to you, he would like you to answer questions - are you really ready to craft a career that is absolutely meant for you? Did you figure out your goal in one go? Do you know yourself well? Are you doing the work you always wanted to do? Do you know your skills and strengths?

Top Reasons Why You Should Read Career Crush?

Reason 1

Learn about "How to choose the right career option?"

Reason 2

Identifying yourself! Your passion, skills, and capabilities.

Reason 3

Practical, logical approach and roadmap for achieving your goals.

Reason 4

Find the meaning of success for yourself?


DP Vishwakarma is an Author, Indian internet entrepreneur, and Internet personality. He is the founder of KeywordsFly. Vishwakarma is more known for his work in Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing for startups and businesses. He is the author of Career Crush and co-author of the popular, award-winning book series- "The Growth Hacking Book." In the Golden Book of World Records, DP Vishwakarma's name for a world record title: "Most Nationalities Contributing in a Business Book."

He is also a professional Blogger, Trainer & Speaker and his work methodology rests on providing the best possible tactics and practices that even a newbie can get hold of in a jiffy. He is known for his unique management skills and willingness to guide the new generation, helping numerous individuals to become their own bosses. He has cracked the growth secret no less than a wizard.

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Who This Book Is For

This book deals with creating a roadmap for a peaceful life and is essential for opportunity seekers who are confused about their next career move.



Working Professionals




What Benefits You Will Enjoy by Following Principles Explained in Career Crush?

Point 1

Creating a Roadmap for achieving your dream is a must.

Point 2

This will help Identify your passion

Point 3

Know yourself

Point 4

Never underestimate your talent and skills.

Point 5

Find Diverse career options

Point 6

Don’t run all money-making methods, instead focus more on skills and passion

Point 7

Choosing the right career option

Point 8

Creating a win-win situation

Point 9

Make your brain more active

Point 10

Getting a unique approach towards life

What Will You Learn?

Get to know the meaning of success for yourself? Writing this book aims to eliminate all the confusion that an individual faces while choosing a career option. It answers multiple tricky questions in which we get puzzled in our daily lives. The book comprises individual chapters, each focusing on the practical approach and thinking instead of any theoretical knowledge. It also has ways to identify your passion and make it the source of your income.

Chapter 1 Why this Book?

Chapter 2Know Yourself

Chapter 3 Success Visualisation

Chapter 4 Train Your Brain

Chapter 5Assets for Dream Career

Chapter 6 Design your Income

Chapter Bonus If You Missed Your Dream Career. Now What?


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Is the book best buy only for teenagers or all groups of society?

The book enfolds all the career concerns teenagers encounter, delivers them in unique ways, & stirs them to choose their careers. But the book also reveals solutions for people who haven’t chosen the correct career during their teenage years and desire to chase their passion.
The Methodologies used in the book “Career Crush” make it one of a kind. The stirs and tasks cited in the text are straightforward but are very productive. You will also come across other considerable opportunities in your dream profession. These tiny but effective techniques make “Career Crush” better than “Good to Great.”
Reading this book will be your investment in developing your mindset. After reading this book, you will undoubtedly get a more detailed view of choosing the right career option. Also, you will be capable of discovering different perspectives for solving a problem.
Definitely Yes! Once you read this book, you will indeed find it very useful. Whatever time you invest while reading this book will be worth it.
It could differ from person to person. Some of the readers could fetch the vision & intent of the writer behind writing this book in one gush, while some may not. Though one thing is guaranteed that even after reading this book numerous times, you will not get bored.
“Career Crush” lets you recognize your passion and enables you to pick the right “Career option” for yourself at the correct time. Also, it will help you to monetize your passion and dexterities.
The book encloses all the aspects that individuals should keep in mind while choosing their careers. Also, it allows you to discover your fields of interest and gives you diverse career options in your area of interest.
“Career Crush” comprises numerous activities and tasks, making it easier for you to identify your passion. The activities mentioned are short and do not require much time.
Definitely, Yes! Whether you are changing yourself or not, it's on you, but indeed your view about life and profession is going to alter a lot. Your approach after reading this book will evolve into more pragmatic.
The author's intent behind penning this book is to furnish a resolution to all the hardships that teenagers face while picking their trades. The author cited his failures and blunders during his college days because, he feels, an individual can learn a lot from their mistakes and thus can evolve and grow.
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