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Do you know? Why companies should hire digital marketing consultants or experts?

Everything is going online, and reaching internet audiences has become simpler. By analyzing their interests and behavior patterns, we can influence their purchasing decisions. For example, if you’re reading this, you already know that finding and contacting a Digital Marketing Expert or consultant online is far easier than doing so offline.

Similarly, consider how, if your firm goes online, your customers would be able to order your services and products from anywhere.

But, learning the skills of digital marketing from the start, buying all the digital marketing tools, and then applying them to your business will not be an easy task for you. 

The way a lawyer and a doctor, after completing their studies, just focus on practicing, and the more experience they get, the sooner they become problem solvers. Similarly, a digital marketing consultant, who experiments with different types of businesses and customers, and has so much data and expertise that they can quickly create an online sales process for you and give you business inquiries from day one.

Taking any business to a large scale requires a team and marketing is the important part, also the most important thing is who is handling your marketing department?

In most cases, companies struggle to get the right digital marketing consultant for a Digital Marketing campaign. This could be because of various reasons like – lack of knowledge, budget constraints, and previous bad Digital Marketing consultant hiring experience.

Let me share my story...

Dear friend,

Dear friend,

Hey, my name is DP Vishwakarma, and I’m here today to share a lot with you here, and by the end, you will understand how digital marketing works, how you can use digital marketing for your business, and who would be the best expert for your digital marketing work.

But Before, Let me tell you more about myself. I’m an Author, Indian internet entrepreneur, Internet personality, and founder of the digital marketing company KeywordsFly Technology. I’m more known for my work in Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing for startups and businesses.

But, 5 years ago, I was jobless and did not even have money to pay for my room rent. But, I learned Digital Marketing Skills and worked on myself, and The digital marketing industry completely changed my life, Plus I have helped more than 500 people who were suffering to get a profitable business with practical marketing roadmaps.
My work methodology rests on providing the best possible tactics and practices that even a newbie can get hold of in a jiffy. I’m known for my unique management skills and willingness to guide the new generation, I have cultivated start-ups like KeywordsFly Technology, FitApes, & BloggerWlogger. I have helped numerous individuals to become their own bosses. I have cracked the growth secret no less than a wizard.

Featured in...

Many well-known Digital Marketing Institutes, such as DSIM, PIMS, Digital Vidya, and EduPristine, have interviewed me. Furthermore, I have been featured in various reputed Hindi and English newspapers like New Indian Express, Patrika, Financial Express, News Track, APN News, Jagran, Zee business, Business World, Tribune, & Times of India.

You can see news stories screenshots here...

Why am I considered a Digital Marketing Expert?

I am an engineer by education but I began my career as a Sales and Marketing Associate in a network marketing organization at the age of 17. I gained valuable knowledge in offline marketing and sales while working in the network marketing industry. After finishing my engineering degree, I wanted to pursue a career in marketing, and I discovered digital marketing. After learning and working as a freelancer in digital marketing, In Delhi NCR, India, I launched my digital marketing firm (KeywordsFly). 

I’ve gained valuable experience by working with a wide range of companies over the years and completed numerous projects. These have helped me transform into a strategic thinker with strong analytical skills and a long history of managing marketing channels and launching branding and conversion campaigns. I’ve taken on diverse roles and developed the ability to multitask. I’m capable of handling the following responsibilities. Like:

What I Have Achieved So Far As A Digital Marketing Consultant? See Below...

But.. In the beginning

SEO (search engine optimization) was the foundation of my freelance business. With the use of a few lucrative search keywords, I was able to rank myself. And I devised a comprehensive plan for my company that outlined how I might use web marketing to keep my company afloat for the rest of its existence.

I amassed a sizable client list and a substantial sum of money, and I realized that if we can generate revenue for ourselves by mastering the skills of digital marketing, why not open an agency and hire a team of expert marketers to assist those who are having difficulty with their digital marketing campaigns.

I founded KeywordsFly, an Internet marketing firm where I manage SEO, PPC, social media campaigns, lead generation, public relations, and analytics methodologies to help clients expand their businesses and improve their online visibility and engagement. At the moment, I’m also working as a Digital Marketing consultant for a few reputable organizations. My team and I can also take over your complete Digital Marketing department (or start one from scratch if you don’t have one). I advise and consult businesses on a variety of topics.

  • Research and audit based Marketing
  • Project-Based Consulting
  • Budget & Investment Planning
  • Channel Suggestion and Ads Creation and distributions
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Reporting & Analysis

You can't believe

that I designed a high-quality marketing funnel for my consulting services and helped us to get leads from all targeted channels. See some references below:

It simply means to show these results, that I am capable of discussing a result-oriented marketing plan ...[99.9%] of marketers are not able to grow their own business, So ask about results for their business before hiring any marketers.

Read few testimonials here,

Read on to discover what my clients have to say about me as a digital marketing service provider and consultant over the years.

"I have been very protective of my brand Rayon, and entrusting it with Dp Vishwakarma was a good decision. He has consistently given me good advice on how to build my brand's online presence, been available for consults at any time, and his work has shown quick and consistent results."
Salva Mubarak
Founder - Rayonmag
"DP is the example everyone would want to be when it comes to the quality of service. Personalized advice, concern for a partner (not a vendor), and detailed explanations of each query are some of his extraordinary virtues. No one can expect anything more from a service provider than what he provides. Keep up the great work!!"
Namita Santwani
Director - LearnOA
"I was introduced to Dp Vishwakarma by a friend who had been working with him for a few months. I have been working with Dp for almost 6 months now. It has been a pleasant experience up until now. He is very professional and delivers on time. I was very impatient to begin with and was expecting immediate results. He very patiently explained the process over and over. Now that it has been a few months - I can see visible results. Not only is he good with his work but he is also very approachable and is available to answer your questions and queries. If you are looking for someone to help you as an online consultant, I would recommend him."
Sanjyt Syngh
Creative Director
"DP Vishwakarma's "KEYWORDSFLY" can really give wings to your business!!!! Every business has a different need and unique crowd to capture, and a sense of clicking your audience is the need for digital marketing. Vishwa is a perfect consultant and his patience is the best part of him. There are a lot of ups and downs you can see during the digital promotion of your business, ultimately what you need is a smart and patient consultant. Thumbs up!!"
Apoorva Bhargav
CEO - Eden IAS

If you want to read more your can check my Linkedin profile too!!

I hope you have been impressed enough with the presentation till now, now let’s see how Digital Marketing works for you!

How Much Do I Charge?,

...Don't worry It's based on your requirements and goals!

Well, I know you need help with Digital Marketing or Content Marketing? If you are at this webpage, I feel you are searching for a leader who can guide your team of Marketers?

I’m interested in new prospects with well-known companies. Through continual learning and innovative work, I hope to attain digital marketing excellence. I want to work in a healthy, modern workplace where I can learn and grow. No one is an expert in all areas and that is why  I’m always ready to learn something new and grow with the ever-evolving cyberspace. You can hire me as a remote digital marketing consultant or digital marketing manager.

To be completely honest, I do charge for each and every digital marketing task since I design a custom online marketing plan for each of my clients based on their needs and type of business. So, if you’re seeking one of the top consultants to help you achieve your business goals efficiently, I assure you that what I’ll do for you as a growth marketing consultant will be worth every penny you invest in me.

I can be a better fit for your company or brand than the majority of freelancers and digital marketing firms in Delhi NCR, India. I’m pricey because I serve as a link between businesses and the online world, assisting them in selling products and services, increasing their ROIs as well as advising businesses on how to best reach their clients. My goal is to always give 10 times more time to my clients’ businesses than any other Digital Marketing agency and to give 200% to deliver results in the shortest period possible.

There is no point in hiring a cheap Digital Marketing consultant (or freelancer) if he fails to deliver any significant result and all the money is wasted for nothing. There are all kinds of service providers in the market. from…

You have to see whether you want cheap or capable?

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re searching for a digital marketing specialist to help you generate more leads and revenue for your company. If you are, please send me an email or schedule an appointment with me at a time and day that is convenient for you. I would be happy to assist you with my expertise. If you live in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon, we can meet for coffee. We can decide on a meeting space near our office to discuss your project. If you are in Delhi or India, we can have a video call, which is now as good as a face-to-face meeting.

I hope you’ve been intrigued by my success story and impressed by how our firm and I can help your business grow with our technical assistance, SEO services, advertising services, and other services up to this point. If you want to learn more about how I work step-by-step in digital marketing here’s a more extensive description of our specific digital marketing work methods and how I can help you maximize the power of digital marketing for increased outreach and growth of your brand.

...So Learn Before You Start

Understand here the jungle of Internet marketing and its focal points! I have shared below the “Framework for Internet Marketing success” and cost Idea!

But Before Ask Yourself...

“Do you confident about my business model?”
“What is your net profit percentage?
“Have you done marketing before?
“Are you ready to invest in marketing for the next 3 months?”…”

Let me share some data like, Most startups & businesses don’t try internet marketing or search engine marketing! 

maybe they only trust traditional marketing methods. 

but According to the HubSpot report, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. That’s why search engine marketing.

See Below The Overall Size of The Internet Market...

The main problem…

Less education and awareness about the right marketing strategy.

Learn the process to explore limitless potential!

Here's how you can start online marketing...

"Roadmap & Ads Spend"

A good starting point is a 70/30 split: Put 70% of your budget on campaigns that drive bottom-funnel conversions or leads, and 30% on campaigns that drive top-funnel awareness or engagement with your content. This strategy helps you generate revenue while you’re learning what works.

Checklist and Priority

Stage 1: Primary Tasks

I called my shot… AKA, trying to figure out how much $$ I was going to make from my first presentation!

Stage 2: Secondary Tasks

I called my shot… AKA, trying to figure out how much $$ I was going to make from my first presentation!

Stage 3: Tertiary Tasks

I called my shot… AKA, trying to figure out how much $$ I was going to make from my first presentation!

Expected Time of Results?

I didn’t get it…why would they buy from all the other speakers, but not me?

I went over and over it again in my mind…

I feel now that you are convinced enough with my things.

I Started Selling Everything From Courses, To Coaching, To Software, Supplements and More!

But then something changed for me…

I've shared a few more powerful online marketing tactics that you should be stealing. See below!

I spent over two years of my career on the road…

And I got GREAT at it!
But I had a beautiful wife, and baby twin boys at home…
And I didn’t want to be in a different city each weekend.

"If You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Too Can Have A Webinar That Converts!"

You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!

Bonus #1 - Competitive Auditing: Analysing your competitors is important. Here’s why...

"How To Use The Perfect Webinar"

This first presentation will help you to see exactly how to use the Perfect Webinar script. Others have paid over $297 for JUST THIS ONE VIDEO, but you’ll be getting it FREE when you order the Perfect Webinar today!

It will help you to know exactly how to create a webinar that gets people to move and buy your product! This will help you to close sales with absolute certainty everything you have a chance to talk in front of a group!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 'The Perfect Webinar' Today!

Bonus #2 - Build Public Relations & Online News!

Securing positive media coverage in online publications and having a strong presence on media stories enhances your credibility and improves both the quantity and quality of leads generated for your business.

One of my speaking mentors (Armand Morin) changed my world the day he took me aside during an event, and taught me how to use a close that he had invented that he called “The Stack.”
Since then, this closing technique has worked so well for me, that I refuse to do a single presentation without it!   
I tried taking it out of my presentation ONCE, and my sales plummeted, so I plugged it back in, and I’ve used the stack ever since!
I’ll take you through my slide deck, showing you how I use the stack in my presentations…(this is a 2 ½ hr in-depth training video on how to use the stack in your presentation!)
I’ll explain in detail:

Stage 1: Primary Tasks

Key Message: To create a buzz about the company in the media.

Stage 2: Primary Tasks

Key Message: Spread the message that ‘How our journey started). And showcase your company in big platforms.

Stage 2: Primary Tasks

Key Message: To reach the maximum number of the target audience

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 'The Perfect Webinar' Today!

And so for you, I want you to make sure you take advantage of this, what I’m trying to make this an irresistible offer, because when you have the script, you can use it to sell just about anything. 
So all you’re doing now is down below. There’s going to be link it’s $7. Okay. And as soon as you buy that will literally give you access immediately.

You can have access to the script and the training here in 15 seconds, all you do is click the link down below, and we’ll send this to you right away and you start learning how to use it and start using it for your business.

I think I have Explained Enough!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.
This isn’t one of them.
There’s NO hidden “continuity or membership program” – and in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…
Well, there are actually a few reasons…

Here Is My "Guarantee"​...

Yes, I can give my 100% guarantee for all possible tasks and activities required for your successful online marketing campaign. But I can’t give a guarantee for confirmed results. Why?
Because It’s not possible to give you exact results guaranteed or strategy for marketing campaigns that hit the market because there are too many variables that control the outcome. We may predict results, but can’t have total control over the Search engine algorithm & the FB algorithm that generates traffic. Plus, your competitors’ advertising activities and their results also affect your traffic & results.  Enough to get my points?…If yes 

Let's discuss your Business and Marketing things over call📞


One-On-One Consulting to Launch your online Business or Boost your Business ROI

Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy the script. I hope you use it.

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your business forever. 
Thanks again,

DP Vishwakarma

P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊

Here Is my process: Ever thought about starting an online business but…

  • If you’re not sure that your Business idea gives you a huge ROI? Let me help you!
  • If you are too confused about the market or customer? I will do online market research for your Business!
  • It seems too difficult or time-consuming to create a perfect strategy? I will draw step by step process!
  • If you are not able to find a genuine coach? Give me 90 days, I Would like to build a clear goals & growth plan.
  • You’re just not sure where to start or what to do…Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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