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“Career Crush,” a book, aims to resolve conflicts in the mind when choosing a career option.

There are tons of reasons behind writing this book, but before I reveal them to you, I would like you to answer some questions:

  • Are you really ready to craft a career that is absolutely meant for you? 
  • Did you figure out your goal in one go? 
  • Do you know yourself well? 
  • Are you doing the work you always wanted to do? 
  • Do you know your skills and strengths?

Let's start with some facts and figures!

According to data compiled by the National Records Bureau (NCRB), one student commits suicide in India every hour, with approximately twenty-eight such suicides reported every day.

A major reason attributed to this is "Career Stress".

Top Reasons Why You Should Read Career Crush?

Let me share my story...

Dear friend,

My name is DP Vishwakarma, and today, I am excited to share a lot with you. By the end, you will understand how my latest book, “CAREER CRUSH,” can assist you in finding and defining your true passion, leading to a more peaceful life.

But before that, let me tell you more about myself. I’m an author, Indian internet entrepreneur, internet personality, and the founder of the IT company KeywordsFly Technology. I’m more known for my work in digital marketing and growth marketing for startups, businesses, and a few unicorn startup companies.

7 years ago, I found myself jobless, struggling to even cover my room rent. Determined to improve my situation, I took on various jobs, including MLM and telemarketing.

But from the beginning I felt like for how long will I keep searching for work in such different fields.

I asked myself one day, “Why not find what I’m really passionate about and learn how people turn their passions into successful careers?

This introspection led me to realize that IT and Marketing were my true passions. I dedicated myself to acquiring the necessary skills in these fields, and the transformation was remarkable. 

I cracked the code on how to find your real passion and how to monetize it in practical ways.

Now, I am completely free to do anything and go anywhere I want, simply by pursuing my passion in real ways. I am enjoying my time with family and friends.

Not only did I change my life, but I also extended a helping hand to over 10000 individuals facing similar struggles, guiding them with practical roadmaps to establish profitable businesses and careers. I have cultivated start-ups like KeywordsFly Technology, & LensFlix Production. 

My work methodology rests on providing the best possible tactics and practices that even a newbie can get hold of in a jiffy. 

I’m known for my unique management skills and willingness to guide the new generation.

From this experience, I realized that if I kept guiding people one by one, it would take a lot of effort, and I would not be able to reach all the people who really needed coaching and mentoring.

I thought, “Why not write a book sharing all my experiences, hacks, and tips so that anyone can buy the book at a very affordable price and bring positive changes to their life

What I Have Achieved So Far?
After Following my Passion,
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I have been featured in various reputed Hindi and English newspapers like The Indian Express, Jagran, NewsBytes, The Pioneer, & Times of India.

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You might be thinking, "Who is this book for?"

...This book deals with creating a roadmap for a peaceful life and is essential for opportunity seekers who are confused about their next career move.

What Will You Learn?

Writing this book aims to eliminate all the confusion that an individual faces while choosing a career option. It answers multiple tricky questions in which we often find ourselves puzzled in our daily lives.

The book comprises individual chapters, each focusing on a practical approach and thinking rather than relying on theoretical knowledge. It also provides ways to identify your passion and turn it into a source of income.

Few Live Stats...

And educators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and many leaders loved it...

Here are a few detailed book reviews. I hope these reviews help you understand more about the book and its concept, explaining why it is gaining popularity.

Alright, Got it Now, how does Career Crush help?

I feel now that you are convinced enough.

Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy and learn things related to the book. I encourage you to start reading ASAP because I know how this can transform your “Career and Life” forever.

Thanks again,

DP Vishwakarma

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