Top Searched Keywords: List of the Most Popular Google Search Terms

SEO is used on a very large scale for the marketing purpose by several companies. Some SEO services are paid while as you can avail some for free. Keywords are important part of SEO services as they help in targeting larger audiences leading to the hike in traffic. If you don’t know what a keyword is then let me tell you. When you search for any information on google, google extracts the most searched words so that it can create links and provide you with all the related information at one place.

However, these keywords can be used for hiking the traffic. There are several branded terms such as “craigslist” and “Gmail” which are not only frequently searched but also act as point of reference for the users.  However, brand keywords are not the true keywords! There are keywords which belong to non-brand category and specifically used for SEO services.

Not many people are there know about those true keywords and we decided to bring them TO your notice and we started our search. With the help of Ahrefs (which is a keyword research tool) we were able to find true keywords which can be used to satisfy traffic-thirsty SEOs across the globe.

Below, we are providing you with a list of 100 most searched non-branded keywords on google. The point to be mentioned here is that the research was conducted in United States region and the keywords well work effectively in that region. The technique of manual shifting through the most searched terms overall helped us in determining this list of hundred non-branded keywords and don’t worry no vulgar or porn related words have been mentioned here.

Get ready to go through to the list:

Weather 24,440,000
Maps 20,400,000
Translate 18,310,000
Calculator 16,170,000
YouTube to me 13,670,000
Speed test 12,610,000
News 8,250,000
Thesaurus 6,270,000
Powerball 5,670,000
Donald trump 5,570,000
nfl 5,130,000
g 5,00,0000
f 4,720,000
trump 4,450,000
periodic table 4,440,000
face 4,370,000
Olympics 4,360,000
Internet speed test 4,120,000
Map 3,980,000
Cool math 3,950,000
Dictionary 3,930,000
Y 3,920,000
Timer 3,600,000
Happy wheels 3,500,000
Slitherio 3,430,000
Overwatch 3,230,000
League of legends 3,120,000
Restaurants near me 2,990,000
Calendar 2,890,000
Discover 2,880,000
Movies 2,860,000
Hillary Clinton 2,850,000
Game of thrones 2,820,000
Cheap fights 2,810,000
Animal jam 2,770,000
Games 2,760,000
Mortgage calculator 2,650,000
Bernie sanders 2,650,000
Spanish to English 2,630,000
Entertainment 2,330,000
Goo 2,300,000
Youtube music 2,300,000
Translator 2,280,000
Rick and morty 2,220,000
Spotigy web player 2,220,000
Flights 2,200,000
English to Spanish 2,130,000
Irs 2,110,000
Star wars 2,060,000
Fa 2,010,000
Deadpool 1,990,000
A 1,980,000
Sports 1,930,000
Nitcoin 1,910,000
What is my ip 1,910,000
Prodigy 1,890,000
Suicide squad 1,880,000
Spectrum 1,860,000
Hurricane Irma 1,710,000
\ 1,690,000
Taylor swift 1,690,000
Melania trump 1,690,000
Go 1,690,000
Happy birthday 1,670,000
Weather radar 1,620,000
Bitcoin price 1,610,000
Restaurants 1,600,000
Email 1,580,000
Wonder woman 1,580,000
Youtube converter 1,580,000
North korea 1,570,000 1,560,000
The 1,550,000
Solitaire 1,550,000
Mla format 1,540,000
Apa citation 1,540,000
Carrie fisher 1,530,000
Audible 1,520,000
Tis the season! 1,510,000
Directions 1,510,000
S 1,510,000
Mail 1,510,000
M 1,510,000
Ariana grande 1,500,000
Stranger things 1,500,000
Powerball winning numbers 1,480,000
Town of salem 1,460,000
Nfl schedule 1,460,000
Selena Gomez 1,450,000
Driving directions 1,450,000
Food near me 1,440,000
Great clips 1,440,000
C 1,430,000
Youtube downloader 1,430,000
Winter Olympics 1,430,000
The walking dead 1,420,000
Black panther 1,410,000
Itunes download 1,400,000
Youtube mp3 37,200,000
Prince 1,380,000

If you look closely you will find that this list is a mix of very unusual and unexpected words. Many single letters like ‘g’ ‘s’ ‘m’  has made their way to this list and are also targeting a good number. However, some of the words remain constant like ‘weather’ ‘solitaire’ etc. depending upon their interest among people. On the other hand words related to politics, movies and series keep changing according to the launch of new shows and change in government.

Due to present American government Donald trump made it to the list but he might not belong there with the change in government. In 2018’s list Powerball was also trending being an engaging lottery term. You must keep in mind that these words keep changing according to the interest of people. This list gets updated every year being a part of change.

Change in keywords

These keywords change every year and the reason behind same is changing trends and change in people’s interest. These keywords are results of people’s search and people search for trending things. If you will take the example game of thrones is one of the most sizzling topic in search list and I am sure that it will make to the list of 2019 as well, as its final season is about to launch.

Similarly, political trends change with change in government and they carry massive weight because we always want to know about the ruling person. Moreover, people who have interest in politics try to find more and more about the ruling person and government.

In 2019, trends are going to change hence, any keywords will be replaced. So, stay tuned to find 100 keywords of 2019 and we cannot forget Ahrefs for helping us out in building this list.


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