20 Best Survey Sites 2019: Earn $500+/Month Or More From Home

I am sure while scrolling through social media or YouTube, you must have seen survey ads. Living in a digital world, we can use technology and the internet not just for fun but getting some serious work done!

Now questionnaires are available in electronic form and anybody can fill them, this is what we call online surveys. Online surveys have not only made surveys easier but have also increased the number of audiences which is helpful in extracting accurate statistics. Online surveys are usually available as web forms which also have a database for storing statistics. People try to skip these surveys as it does not get them anything and that’s why people are prompted to fill these questionnaires in exchange of incentives or rewards.

Online surveys have also started paying those people who participate in these surveys and get them filled. It’s more an online job where you get paid for the number of surveys done by you. The work is simple and convenient as well as it does not require any field work neither consume much of your time.

Paid surveys also provide incentives to participants to gain their interest which help you in allocating them. Paid surveys can be a good medium of part-time earning if you get to become a member of one of these. Here are some survey sites which you can work with in order to earn and learn. See below for the list.

Swag bucks

Swagbucks is a pretty cool site through which you cannot only participate in surveys but earn as well. You can download its app from google and apple store to get started. Swag bucks can also be used for the research work as its outcomes are usually similar to Google. Swag bucks also pays you for visiting their site; you get reward points for every time you visit their site which can be cashed later. The site often work like its name. It help you in earning bucks for getting through their site.

This site not only help you in earning money but also has immense knowledge to offer you. You can use their website to get the statistics related to your study or work. They work to provide you with accurate information.

Key points:

  • Swag bucks does not operate in any different manner. All you need to is to download their app or visit their site to search for desired information.
  • Swag bucks also offer daily polls which you can participate in to earn reward points. (Registration on swag bucks is absolutely free).
  • You can also get special offers to surf through mobile application of swag bucks which can be redeemed later on.
  • You can redeem your swag bucks points to get coupons and gifts from site like Walmart, amazon, target etc.

Global test market

Global test market is yet another site to offer paid surveys. This site is operated by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) which is now powered by light speed research. This site was founded in year 1999 and have more than 1400 clients in more than 60 countries. It conducts surveys for different companies and help them in growing.

This is one of the leading websites which conduct online paid surveys. To get started, all you need is an account on their site which you can simply create by registration process. Global test market is trusted globally as it has rewarded thousands of people for participating in surveys.

Key points:

  • You can earn reward points for the every survey you complete.
  • These rewards points can be cashed or used as vouchers for shopping through selected sites.
  • This site also pays you in your local currency through PayPal, cash or cheques.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost pays its member for sharing their opinion on various topics and participating in surveys. Opinion outpost has been serving people since decades and can be trusted blindly. There are plenty of topics on website and you can participate in one as per your interest which also makes them interesting. It is quite easy to get access through this site, all you need is to register (for free) but they have set an age of 18 years as the eligibility criteria for registration.

Key points:

  • You can register with your email id and personal details to get started with the surveys.
  • You can earn points for sharing your opinion and redeem those points through PayPal or in terms of cash.
  • You can also participate in their giveaway and win prize worth $5000 and even in terms of cash.
  • It’s important that you participate in at least one survey every three months to ensure that your opinion points does not expire.
  • If you don’t qualify for survey you can still participate in quick win contest or other games to win rewards and prizes.

Survey savvy

Most of the sites pay you for completing your survey but survey savvy also pay you for the referrals as well.  What attracts people most is survey savvy is their flat reward rates paid for completing surveys. Survey savvy pays you $3 for every survey completed by you and $2 for each referral made by you for their site. Not just this, survey savvy also pays you $1 for surveys made by their (your reference’s reference) referrals cover. This whole referencing games increases your chances of earning quite decent amount if you can get strong base.

Key points:

  • Survey savvy offer good amount for the surveys completed by you.
  • They usually conduct classified surveys which definitely help you in learning through surveys.
  • You should not expect much regarding payments as they pay lesser amounts for your initial surveys.
  • Your returns solely depend upon efforts you put in creating referral base.


Cash crate is yet another online paid survey site that helps you earning through daily surveys. This site was launched in 2006 and has more than 2 million users worldwide in present time. The concept of cash crate is also easy to understand and use. Just keep looking for the surveys and follow mentioned guide steps. You can earn on this website through participating in daily surveys, subscribing to the corporate offers mentioned on their site.

Key points:

  • You get paid the number of surveys you participate in, every day. Just ensure that you complete survey once you get selected for it.
  • If you do not get selected for any particular survey, you will be automatically taken to another survey. You must go with this process until you get a survey to complete and earn daily reward point.
  • When you complete daily surveys, bonus or rewards points are credit to your account within working days of another week.
  • Being a new member, you also get $1 for registering yourself with their website.
  • Payments on the site start with minimum $0.01 and you can earn up to $20 and more.

These were top five online paid survey sites which you can register with to earn daily cash and rewards. These sites are used by millions of people and hence stand at top. However, there are other sites as well which are good enough. Drag down to explore more paid survey sites and their details.


You can make money on the go with the help of Vindale research. Vindale research is a reputed community that has been accepted across the globe by countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Vindale research invites everybody to come and participate in surveys however you must keep in mind that vindale research are a legitimate company and its not going to be easy to earn money through this site.

Vindale research pays decent amount for the surveys completed by you but your answers must be true and honest. Your answers contribute to the research and it’s your duty to provide the honest and accurate answers. One feature that makes vindale research stand different is that they also take care of privacy of people participating in surveys and not just their clients. Vindale research is a good source if you want to earn some extra income without hassle.


InstaGC is a website where you can earn instant cash and rewards by taking surveys, shopping from mentioned sites, watching videos and testing apps. Working format of InstaGC has been mentioned below:

  • Take surveys: you can take daily surveys from the list mentioned on their website at that particular point of time. To take surveys, you have to qualify for it but if you do not get qualified for survey you still get one point for each attempt.
  • Crowdflower task: you can also earn points by completing several small crowdflower task. To complete task you just need to follow mentioned steps and these include task such as data entry and internet research etc. if you see overall, these points adds up leading to a good earning.
  • Offers: instaGC also offers and rewards you additional points for downloading programs and software through their site.
  • Search the web: if you use instaGC’s search engine for surfing rather than your traditional server, you get extra points.
  • Partake in trials: you can also test products and services offered by them by signing with them for free trails (for absolutely free) and there you get some more points.


Prizerebel is yet another get to paid website where you can earn cash, gifts and other prizes for taking surveys and completing tasks given by them. Here is a description of how this site can help you earn:

  • Take surveys: prizerebel offers you surveys from sites like Samplicious surveys, your surveys, tap research surveys, Cint daily surveys and precision daily surveys; which you can take in order to earn cash and other rewards.
  • Complete task: you can also grow your balance by completing daily and small task offered by them such as internet search.
  • Offers: you can also earn points by completing offers such as signing up for trials and joining mailing list etc.
  • Collect daily point: you can collect daily reward points completing daily tasks given on their website which will be available on their daily reward page. You will soon see a hike in number of your reward points if you complete these tasks regularly.
  • Referrals and contest: you also earn points for the number of referrals you make and also for the surveys taken by your referrals. You can also earn bonus points for participating in contest and raffles apart from winning prizes.
  • Watching videos: you can also earn points by watching videos mentioned on their site.

Your voice panel

Your voice is opinion panel that gives you chance of making some extra money in exchange of taking surveys offered by them. Your panel only targets eastern and south eastern Asian countries so make sure you answer only if you are eligible. They does not exactly pay your for the number of surveys you take but the time you spend on surveys. The more time you spend on surveys the more you can earn.

Your voice does not charge any fee for membership. The site is also safe to work with invitations to be surveyed are sent through mails. As I mentioned, your voice panel pays you for the time you spend answering surveys- for a 30 minute survey you get $15 worth e-points.


Buzzback is known for their policies which they have made keeping interest of employees in their mind. Buzzback is a website which does not give you surveys directly but ask you if you want to take them or not. You will see an option “join our panel” on their page and as soon as you click that, you will be taken to their survey page.


  • Their policy allows employees to work for home which encourages employees to work more honestly and with full dedication.
  • They care about each employees working for them and take care of their needs and family.
  • They give you enough time to take and complete your surveys which encourages the creativity within employee and expands the scope of growth.

Your say

For the growth of any company, it is important that they take feedback of their customers in order to analyze their market position. Yoursay.com is a website which help these companies to expand and improve their products and services. It conduct surveys to get consumer feedback for its client companies. To gain people’s interest, yoursay.com offers cash incentives to survey participants. You can earn $40 to $60 if you become part of their study. The surveys are of different types depending on nature and service of company, so you also get liberty to choose surveys for your interest.


  • You qualify for participating in surveys if your age is 18 or above.
  • You will only rewarded in terms of cash (which mostly people look for).
  • This site accepts registrations across the borders. You do not need be a resident of any particular country for participating in their surveys.

Brand institute

Brand institute is a leading survey website when it comes to medical field. Brand institute conduct surveys regarding health and medicines and has gained maximum popularity in that field because of their accurate results. If you are from medical field, you can participate in their surveys and can become a part of good cause. Their surveys help in enhancing lifestyle of people and helping them in attaining healthy lifestyle. They also help in providing names of few rare drugs and their uses which enhance medicinal knowledge of people.

If you are from India and you are operating in medical field, you can have good earning by working with brand institute. Their surveys usually pays from $5t to % 15 and more and you will receive your reward through PayPal or cheque.

Star panel

Star panel is a community of opinion leaders and wish to make their applications available to people. Star panel was launched by star India pvt. Ltd. And is one of the leading paid survey website. Channels such as STAR TV also helps star panel in conducting surveys being an undertaking of same firm.


  • Points earned through surveys can be redeemed by book my show movie tickets and flipkart e-vouchers.
  • They offer short surveys with decent pay outs.
  • If you wish, you can also donate your points as charity which will contribute to a good cause.
  • You can register with start panel and participate in their surveys without making any kind of payments.


iPoll is yet another survey community-based in US. They were once known as Survey head but as competition increased they loosed their position however, another survey panel by them i.e. opinion place is doing much better and still stands in list of top survey sites.

One thing which differentiate this site from others is that they are mobile-centered. You can fill these surveys from your mobile login which makes them more convenient. So now, you can earn while travelling as well…all you need is your phone.


  • ipoll pays its members in terms of cash. There is no specific limit of the amount you can earn through their surveys.
  • The minimum pay which you get for completing their surveys cost around $10.
  • You can also redeem your points in form of amazon and visa gift cards.


iThinkPanel is sister site of iThinkInc, which conducts paid online surveys. We have mentioned details about ithink panel above there…you can go and read again for more information. On an average, you can earn around $2 to $10 as compensation of your 10-15 minutes which you spent on completing survey. When you reach to pay out of $35, iThinkInc pays you through PayPal, check and amazon gift cards. Though iThinkPanel invites participants internationally, it will not be wrong to say that they favors western countries on surveys conducted for them.

Permission research

Permission research is the site quite different from all the sites mentioned in this list as it operates in a different manner. Permission research does not use its participant’s passwords or any other personal information avoiding any chances of theft or stealing.

They do not pay you in cash or vouchers, rather they give you access to free software downloads. They also give you access to currently running contest which can get you good rewards and gifts. You can also win holiday vacations in case your luck favors you.


In this list, spidermetrix is an Australian survey site which accepts participations across the borders. So, it does not matter if you reside in middle east or far east, European or American countries…you can still participate in their surveys and earn yourself some extra amount.

Spidermetrix is bit different from other sites as well because it takes feedback surveys for various websites. Another point to be mentioned here is that spidermetrix also differs a bit in case of pay out as well. This site make payments on basis of merit certificate which means that you will be rewarded only if your answer is best among all participants. However, if you get that “best” qualifier certificate you will allowed to participate in more surveys which will definitely lead to hike in earning.


Making it to our lit, planetPanel is yet another international community that pays you for participating in surveys. Planetpanel has users from more than 20 countries who are making enough income out of it. However, even planetpanel stands on different side being a raffle-reward site. Their surveys does not get you cash but surely increase your chances of winning raffles by getting you more entries.  On winning, you will have $12,000 annual raffle which is surely more than amount offered by other sites. On participating, you not only get chance of winning annual raffle but get entry to their monthly raffles.

Point to be kept in mind is that, entries are not free to their surveys. They charge around $50 for each country.

Harris poll online

Harris poll is a survey community which is used by governmental and some charitable organizations to get feedback of policies they have made over years. You can participate in their surveys and present your views about some specific policies (mentioned policies) and yes, you surely get paid for that.

You also get entry to $10,000 raffle when you complete your surveys and these chances increase with the number of surveys you complete. And wait the features aren’t over yet, you can also earn reward points for the surveys which you take through their forms. Just like other sites, Harris poll also rewards in form of gift vouchers and goodies. In some cases, you can even get a straight cash prize or win a Harris poll.

Socratic forum

Socratic forum conduct surveys for the forces which drive the global economy. Getting into detail, they conduct surveys about new technologies, e-commerce innovations, newly developed software and business-to-business product and services. They help in finding the interest of the nation and its impact on people’s lives. It also helps companies in getting honest feedback of users. Here, you earn for your opinion given on surveys. These earnings can be in form of gift certificates, cash prizes etc.

This was our list of paid survey sites which you can trust to earn some extra income. And yes, these are legitimate paid survey sites so better do your work seriously. Apart from earning, you also get to learn a lot through these surveys.  We hope that you found this content worth reading and helpful.

Thank you.

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