Telephone Mystery Shopper

If you like to speak on a telephone, you can make some handsome quantity of money for a telephone mystery shopper.

The majority of the companies and retail outlets now always attempt to keep ahead of the competition. To do so, they will need to study and analyze what their competitors do so they can develop a strategy to improvise their products and service supplies.

That is where they want mystery shoppers to perform competitor search for them and receive them precious information. The majority of the industry survey and research firms also employ mystery shoppers for gathering data for their own studies.

As a phone mystery shopper, your task is to telephone companies, retail outlets, call centers and ask questions or feign to be a fantastic client who’s interested in their solutions.

Suitable For:

Anyone who is comfortable talking on a phone and loves to ask questions.

Skills Required:

  • Ability to speak fluently on the phone in the native language and English.
  • Ability to listen with strong focus on details.
  • Ability to clearly write down analysis report in English.


How To Get Started:

The best way to get started is by Simply Using for the post of Phone mystery shopper about the following websites:


Submit your Callcenterqa application at

Callcenterqa pays in a set rate of $5 per call. And the best thing is they pay you through PayPal within 48 hours of finishing the telephone. You need to think about starting with this business first if you’re in need of immediate cash.


Submit your Arllc application at

Arllc payment fluctuates from $3.50 per call to $12 per call based on the country and location.


Visit and apply for the position of Telephone Mystery Shopper.

Intelichek will pay you $1 per telephone in the start as forecasts are extremely brief you only have to ask a few questions.

Some professional workers are reported to make $50 to $100 daily.

Payments are routed bi-weekly via test till you reach three-star status then payment is made through direct bank deposit.


Submit your Perstrat application at

Perstrat functions in healthcare industry you will have call physician’s office or health care shops for collecting information.

They will also assign you stores; you are going to have to visit them in person and submit a comprehensive report.

They generally cover you between $12 to $17 per telephone and more for in-store store visits. You will get your payment through check.


To make an application for telephone mystery shopping position in TeleXpertise, then you have to send them an email at and also make certain to add your resume along with any other applicable qualifications.

TeleXpertise will generally pay you between $3 to $10 each call.

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