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What’s a Book review website?

As its name implies a book review site is a site where reviews concerning the novels get printed.

Acceptable For:

Individuals having the enthusiasm for reading novels.

Skills Needed:

Ability to supply detailed, honest and also a flexible review of a publication.

Time Required For Starting Book Review Website:

It’s possible to initiate a site almost within hours. In this situation creating a site isn’t a significant challenge but supplying honest and appealing reviews is.

In case you’ve read a great deal of books because your youth then supplying reviews about a nice number of books will not be challenging. However, if you’re only beginning to read novels then I will not suggest you opt for this way since it may require a great deal of time to see an adequate number of novels and after that supply reviews.

How to Monetize:

  • Advertise books on your site with your amazon affiliate links.
  • Utilizing your reviews persuade people to get books by your affiliate links.
  • More people will purchase books from the affiliate link more cash you earn.



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