Some Actionable Ways to Optimize Website for Voice Search

Voice Search is the buzzword in SEO research circles and is soon becoming the preferred way of searching for information and products online through smart voice devices.

Thus it is critical that companies and brands capitalize on this opportunity so that they are able to use it to their advantage. Also the website of the vendor needs to be optimized so that it appears more relevant to the voice search and gets a high listing on the search results.

Some actionable ways to optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO: – 


Most users and customers who use smart devices and voice search don’t utter keywords. Instead they speak in informal language questions. They feel as if they are speaking to a friend and thus are very casual and informal in their language and thus to make your listing and website more relevant you should use entire long questions which are relevant and use them rather than using small keyword and this strategy will work best for you and you will get more queries and eventually customers.


Today people run out of patience quickly and also a slow loading webpage is annoying too and so is a slow voice search and thus it is critical that you make your website responsive and quick and fast to load and continuously update your website so that it is in sync with the relevance of the changing times.

Also a fast responsive website can only be achieved by using the right and popular questions as keywords and having the appropriate answers for the same. The more relevant the content and questions the faster the voice device will locate your listing and the more will be your customers.


It is critical to use longer keywords like questions and phrases which are often used to find the products in market. You can first accumulate a list of these long tail keywords and then inculcate them in your webpage so that your listing comes out in the first few searches. 

Most people who use voice search will ask informal regular questions and thus if you have these long tail keywords in your website content your website will rank higher and there are more chances of you getting more customers and enquiries.

You should also use long tail keywords such as ”How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation” instead of “How to Speak English”.


This is very critical for your online voice search SEO as you need to localize content according to the market to get to the correct and right customers. You can use content in local languages for specific regions and also use culture and habits as a context to create relevant local content.

At the end of the day your content should appeal to the local audience and you need to think global and act local. This way you will be able to reach the local as well as international audience and increase your business by leaps and bounds.


It is also critical to use relevant terms which appear to be responsive so that the customer gets the best and the most accurate answer always. You should search for popular long tail questions and also the answer and add them to your webpage so as to make it more coherent and relevant.

People want quick, fast and relevant answers and if you are providing them they will definitely use your services and the voice search will always reach out to your website and content listings.

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