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Zazzle users may print layouts, drawings or photographs on things such as coffee cups.

Acceptable For:

Artists, painters, designers.

Skills Needed:

Capability to convert designs into electronic format with tools like Photoshop.

The Way To Monetize:

  • Create your layout in electronic format and enhance it.
  • Register in and put up your own store.
  • A client comes to a Zazzle store, selects a layout from the catalogue and then chooses a product thing like cups, cards, t-shirts, etc.
  • The customer then sets the order to publish your design onto the chosen merchandise item and send it to his/her speech.
  • Zazzle manages all of the printing, shipping, payment processing material and you also get paid for your own design.

Expected Earnings:

The easy rule of thumb applies here also. More clients dictate your layouts more cash you earn. You could even make and upload layouts appealing to various age classes to make the most of your earnings and reach. So, go ahead and install your Zazzle shop now, it is very simple.



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