PIMS Digital Marketing Course Review

One of the Industry that keeps changing with trends and rules is Digital Marketing. Still, in its infancy stage, there are a lot of uncertainties that young learners face in the beginning. Digital Marketing includes all the tools, techniques and methodologies that are used for promoting businesses online. These platforms may be in the form of website, apps, or any a single social media page. Started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) only, it has grown into a huge umbrella with Social Media, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Affiliate marketing, online reputation management, Content marketing, Email marketing, Video marketing, and many more.

One institute that has shown a remarkable success rate for their impeccable Digital marketing course is PIMS. For the last 5 years, this institute has now become the best in the Delhi NCR for imparting education with practical skills and preparing students for making a top-notch career in Digital marketing.

Here are some main highlights of PIMS Digital Marketing Course

  • 32 Modules of absolute learning
  • 12 Week – 120 Hrs of Practical Classroom Training
  • Comprehensive Marketing Techniques
  • Organic and Paid Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Real-Time Statistics and Analysis
  • Nationwide approved Certification
  • Google Certification
  • Hubspot Inbound Certification
  • Facebook Paid Certification
  • Interview Preparation and Placements Guidance
  • Self-made Professionals

PIMS also offer their own mobile app for students to have their own course material with them all the time. 

Are You the right fit for a Career in Digital Marketing?

One question that gives youngsters or even the working professionals headaches, are they the right fit for this field? Will they have the right opportunities to grow further? Will it affect their changing careers? To get your answer there are demo weekend classes and counseling sessions which anyone can join for solving their queries. 

As one of the foremost learning course for job orientation from the first day onwards, this PIMS course gives students the right platform to build a smart career in Digital Marketing. Their teaching methodologies using live site example and analysis, hands-on practice and rigorous training procedures give students the confidence to have a bright start in this evolving field.

What you will gain after going through Course?

  • Have a significant knowledge for running online businesses
  • Able to understand industry insights
  • Get detailed info on building websites and promotion techniques
  • Able to run your own business online
  • Able to generate business leads online
  • Take decisions with effective measures

With this digital marketing course from PIMS, students are able to carve out a niche in this field and attain high earning opportunities in top MNC in Delhi NCR.

Any Requirements

Digital Marketing is still a growing field and there are no specific requirements with numerous opportunities.

Who Should Join?

Digital Marketing attracts individuals from all fields. Students and professionals with experience from zero to 10 years are joining this course to take on this challenging course for a better future ahead.

  • Students: Freshers with graduates in any field are welcome to take this course and learn the basics of Digital Marketing.
  • Small Businessman/Entrepreneurs: Many individuals take this course to run their own businesses and become future entrepreneurs.
  • Working Professionals and Enthusiasts: Many individuals are working and looking to transform their career in marketing. This course offers them the right opportunity to have accurate insights about the industry, a learning curve, choose and select the path that will take them on optimum potential.

Do You Need A Digital Marketing Course?

This Digital Marketing Course has all the elements to give students the right exposure that puts them on the path for their respective career.

  • Understand the various Digital framework, tools, and techniques
  • Build end-to-end marketing strategies for your company
  • Using Social media to grow your online influence
  • Customer-centric approach and user-friendly solutions
  • Placing your website among the top competitors on Search Engines
  • Get your business running with better leads

What are the Course Details?

The syllabus consists of 32 modules from basic to expert all levels are there. All these modules are taught with live practical training under the industry experts. From basic internet, website building, SEO, organic and paid marketing techniques, social media marketing, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Youtube marketing, and lead generation is taught with live examples giving students enough experience to take next step for their career in the right direction.

Pros and Cons

Many courses are being taught in Digital Marketing but a course must be comprehensive to give learners the fundamentals. 


  • Lots of career options to grow within SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing Executive, Planning, Strategist, Manager and Supervisor positions.
  • Practical learning and guidance for lifetime earning potential
  • Highly experienced Trainers and Media Professionals
  • Many top professionals have gone on to open their startups and serve an international clientele.
  • Dedicated App for learning


This course is of short duration (3months) and cost-effective that keeps Return On Investment (ROI) in check. There are hardly any disadvantages for this course and if you are unsure just take the demo classes or take a weekend short tour to have an overview.


In this electronic age, PIMS Digital Marketing Course is highly rated for covering all the important aspects. Whether you are a new fresher graduate or experienced professional this course brings on the learning curve to students in enhancing their skills and take on fresher challenges to lead the next generation of future leaders.

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