Long-term success with Social Media Optimization [For Cosmetic Brands]


Social media marketing is a very powerful method to reach out to one’s prospective clients. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer ample opportunities to businesses, both large and small, to engage with their target audiences.

Social networking platforms help make your brand visible to a larger section of the audience, and visibility is key for digital success. When you interact with customers on social media, you enjoy greater loyalty from them. Take a case study of ZOOTOX, a Cosmetic Brand in India & Try to understand each points.

Why Social Media? Especially Facebook & Instagram



Page Likes

The number of likes (read followers) is considered a key element of social media success. It is a social proof that a brand cannot ignore and customers take a keen interest in.

In order to maintain a significant online presence, you must have a good number of followers/likes to create your own audience. It becomes easier for you to coax them into trusting your service. This can also be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy, as it will help you to remarket to the audience that’s most relevant to your business.

Page audience is the most relevant bucket that you can use for your brand promotions. (The audience’s engagement with the page means that they are interested in your brand. So, they should be the first choice for paid promotions).

Regular Posts

You haven’t been publishing posts regularly. It’s not considered a great practice to acquire new followers and audience for your page. However, the posts should always be relevant and should provide value to customers. You can even post about contests, giveaways, quizzes, polls, etc.


Reviews are an important aspect of a brand’s credibility. They can be extremely useful in helping prospects turn into customers. However, your page has some reviews.

User reviews increase conversions. They can eliminate any doubts potential customers might have about your services. Reviews about your services will aid in getting new customers and building trust amongst your target audience.

Recommendation: One of the best ways to get more reviews is to ask your customers if they would like to review your service on your Facebook page. If you have happy customers, then they should be willing to do so. If not, then you might get some valuable feedback from them. We could use posts like:

Love our products? Leave a review and stand a chance to win a voucher worth $xyz.

You can also hold surveys through email marketing, asking your customers for reviews. You can use those reviews on your website or even post them on your Facebook page as organic posts.

Build an Audience

A few ideas to help get more FB Page Likes:

  • Invite your Facebook friends.
  • Promote your Facebook page in your email signature.
  • Promote your Facebook page on your website.

Provide Value

Facebook users like pages for one of the following reasons:

  • Get Entertained
  • Interact and Connect
  • Stay Informed
  • Receive discounts and promotions

Recommendation: You need to post engaging and interesting content every day and provide giveaways for contests.

NOTE: You should NEVER repeat your posts. It gives an incorrect impression about your brand and tends to push customers away. And the presentation of graphics matters the most to attract the audience. We can use infographics, the props with the product, the before/after video etc.


Once you have an active Facebook page in terms of consistent posts and an audience that engages, you can start to ANALYZE the data. You need to analyze users’ behaviour by looking at the following factors:

  • Where do your visitors come from?
  • At what point of the day are the most active?
  • What part of the week is the most active- weekdays or weekends?

This information will help us create a strategy for our organic and paid promotions.

With regards to content on Facebook (in the context of their current algorithm), the following format works the best:

  • Live Videos – Going live and providing tips and tricks to the audience is quite engaging.
  • Video Content – Posting video content attracts an audience and helps engage them further.
  • Image Posts Images or pictures are in vogue these days. Infographics provide valuable info to visitors.
  • Tutorials – Users tend to watch or read tutorials before buying products for personal use. This is a must!

Recommendation: You should create a well-defined FB promotion strategy. The following points will help to keep your page engaging:

      • Create a social media plan – on a weekly or monthly basis.
      • Analyze users’ behavior and their engagement with your posts regularly.
      • Respond to users’ messages, comments and reply at the earliest.
      • Ideate and come up with new ideas to draw your users’ attention.
      • Create new offers to keep them engaged.
      • Conduct a problem solving session and interact directly with audience to comment.

Approach to Social Media Marketing

We will promote you as an industry authority and a recognized brand to gain the audience’s trust.

Our social media advertising blueprint is broken up into a 3-step distinct approach:

  • Awareness (Top-of-the-funnel or TOFU)
  • Consideration (Middle-of-the-funnel or MOFU)
  • Conversion (Bottom-of-the-funnel or BOFU)

Paid Promotions

When we talk about campaigns, the first and foremost thing that needs to be addressed is the campaign objective. What is your objective behind running a campaign? Is it just brand awareness and driving traffic, or is it to increase sales? We can use some of the objectives below to promote your brand amongst Facebook users:

Cold Marketing to Generate Traffic

Cold marketing refers to the kind of marketing that helps generate traffic for a website/landing page. The traffic that is targeted is one that knows nothing about the website but shows interest in the kind of product that you are offering.

For traffic generation, the following types of targeting can be tested to determine the one that works best for you:

  • Interest/ Demographic/Behavior-based Targeting We will target people who have shown interest in the niche you belong to, as well as in references that are similar to yours.
  • Lookalike Audience- We can take audiences from the Thank You pages (converted audience) and create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook. This audience will only comprise those who had made an effort to take an action on your website/landing page
  • LocationWe can specifically target a region, city, state, or country to find the audience that will be interested in your services.
  • Age/Gender/Language- Targeting the right age, gender, and native language of users is important for effective marketing.  Once we get complete info about potential clients, we will choose the most appropriate option for promotions.

Lead Generation

We can run a lead-generation campaign and encourage the audience to share their details with us. We will use this data for email marketing. The benefit of this campaign is that most of the information will be pre-filled for the visitor in the form, which will motivate them to complete it and submit without putting in much effort. A sample campaign screenshot for you:

Remarketing Conversion Campaign

A remarketing campaign allows a business to target old customers and bring them back to their website. The objective is to push them towards the next step of the purchase cycle and coax them into buying the product. It not only helps in driving profit but also increases a brand’s advocacy and loyalty.

The most important element of a remarketing campaign is an enticing offer, which will catch the attention of the users. We need to give visitors a reason to trust us. The offer has to be effective enough to create excitement and urgency in the minds of our audience.


Instagram is the best social media marketing platform for promoting your organization. Instagram offers a platform to visually share stories, responses, and experiences with its interesting ability to feature visual content.

The content on Instagram is more shareable, easy to understand, and much more widespread than other forms of content. With a specific end-goal to draw the attention of the audience, you should be active on the platform, and making content that is engaging as well as easily shareable by your intended audience.  

Why Instagram for beauty products?


Our main objective will be to:

In order to establish you as an authority in your domain, you should have a large number of followers.

We will increase no. of followers by following people from your niche, and once they start following you back, simply unfollow them (not everybody at once!). This is a hack to improve the number of followers on Instagram, and it can make you appear as an authority in this field.
We also have several paid tools to gain real, legitimate followers.

Note: This image is for reference only.

We will engage users by doing the following:

  • Post consistently and strategically: It is extremely important for your Instagram profile to remain active in terms of posts being published. Along with consistency, it is crucial for the posts to provide value to your target market.
  • Create a branded hashtag: A popular strategy involves using branded hashtags. This doesn’t mean simply using your company’s name as a hashtag; rather, it’s about making a hashtag that defines your brand and encourages followers to share photographs that fit that picture.
  • Interact regularly with your audience: You can do so by:
      • Making them participate in your comment threads
      • Using influencers
      • Interacting with other users’ content
  • Go live on Instagram: When you use a live video, you appear directly in the Stories feed, assuming no one else is live at the same time. The “LIVE” logo also makes your profile photo appear more prominent in the Instagram app.

Host contests and giveaways: Ask questions or calling for an action is one of the fun ways to encourage your followers to interact with your Instagram posts. We found that hosting a giveaway contest is an effective way to engage followers.

Experiment with videos: While photos, on an average, get more likes (and overall engagement) than videos, videos generate more comments than photos. In fact, videos generally, receive more than twice the amount of comments than photos!

For all the paid ads on Facebook, we can also use Instagram as a placement option to make sure that the audience on Instagram sees the promotional posts, too.

We can also promote your account from Instagram itself.

Promoting posts shared on Instagram is the easiest way to run ads. Simply, select the posts that you want to promote, and then track how many people are seeing and interacting with your promoted post in the app.

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