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It’s no wonder why we got addict of internet! It will not be completely wrong if I say, internet is the key to our wish list. It has given us access to the every information we need, its connecting us to the world and now it has taken over the market as well.

Shopping trends of people has changed a lot over past few years due to the shift of people from domestic markets to online shopping. Isn’t that really convenient; you don’t need to go out, you don’t need to visit different shops… you can get the desired product delivered at your door steps by just shopping through online sites.

Indians are really sensitive about their money and maybe that’s the reason that people use to run away from online transactions be it shopping or banking but now… Now India has millions of happy and satisfied online shoppers. We can say that India has hugged online shopping with all love and warmth but as the trend of online shopping is growing the chances of frauds are growing too. There are plenty of shopping sites but not all of them are trustworthy so somehow the problem of theft remains the same. Experiences vary person to person but it becomes quite easy to find the desired destination by generalizing them. Here is the list of some trending and popular shopping websites.


Flipkart has not only secured its position in Indian market but in people’s heart as well. Flipkart is the ideal destination for Indians to shop from as it not only offers good prices but variety and quality too. Flipkart has a wide range of electronics, cosmetics, home décor, clothing, accessories, footwear and what not. Flipkart is just one stop to shop for the country and it is only raising expectation bar of people by providing them good stuff. So, hands down to flipkart for making it to the top of shopping website statistics.


Here comes the second boss of market Amazon.com. Amazon is no less than flipkart in any manner that’s why amazon and flipkart are always at war of making it to top. Amazon too has great quality products with wide variety rather amazon has few things which flipkart doesn’t offer but still somewhere it lags behind. Amazon is the American company and that could be the reason why it fails to understand Indian taste better than flipkart or maybe Indians have just got trust issues. However, people who shop from amazon once can’t stop themselves from visiting there over and again. Maybe by adding more Indian taste to their site they can lead the market.


If you are looking for cheap products you must refer snapdeal.com. Snap deal is an Indian brand and is going quite good to give competition to other leading websites. Just like amazon and flipkart, snap deal too offers everything that you need in your day to day life with lowest rates. However, despite of being an Indian brand snap deal failed to make it to top and the reason is quality. Consumers often complain about the quality of products and keep themselves away from the site.


Jabong is yet another American company nut is doing great in field of clothing and fashion. Jabong has a wide range of clothes and accessories to offer and their fashion quotient is always on top. What makes jabong more special is that it has studied the Indian trends and it always try to make clothes which has hint of desi in them. No matter if you are looking for Indian Kurtis or western wear, jabong has got all for you.


Being dealers of fashion and clothing, myntra is giving tough competition to jabong. Myntra is hub of quirky accessories, trendy shoes and jaw dropping clothing styles. From jeans to palazzos and dresses to suits, myntra is always standing there to give you some serious fashion goals and that’s the reason why it made it to the top 10 of list.


Few years back nobody would have even thought of selling groceries online but see today, we have one of the grocery seller standing in the top ten of online websites. Localbanya.com deals in groceries and is ideal for those who don’t want to step out or who don’t have time to step out for buying groceries. From inorganic to organic, you will get all kind of products that you need for your kitchen. So, no wonders why we are talking about localbanya.com here.


Many people might be shocked to find homeshop18 mention here but the site has surely done work worthy enough to stand here. Homeshop18 sells through website and television and deals in handsets, clothes, home applications etc. homeshop18 does take more time in delivering products as compared to other sites but it also provides cheap yet good quality products on other hand which hikes number of audience. The site is emerging as tough competition to other leading sites but you cannot trust homeshop18 if you are expecting fast delivery.


A lot of you might have heard this name for the very first time but those who know about this knows that infibeam.com is the only stop where you can get the rarest products. A book you were not able to get anywhere else or any electronic product you can get them all infibeam.com. Infibeam.com has surely came a long way if you are seeing this name here. (Well, you can thanks us later for this precious mention because you are surely going to look there once for sure).


Shopclues.com have what we call variety; from gifts to electronics, home décor to cosmetics and personal care you will get everything on shopclues.com. However, shopclues.com is specifically famous for their heavy discounts and if compared to prices, the products they offer aren’t bad too. You just need to choose wisely.


Firstcry.com, the name says it all. First cry offers you all baby products you need to raise your baby with love and care. It has more than 70,000 baby and kid products to offer you coming from 400+ Indian and international brands. Baby products which you didn’t get anywhere else, look for them here and I am sure you won’t regret. Firstcry.com also offers you with baby clothes, footwear, strollers and many more things.

So, this was the updated list of top 10 leading online websites in India. They have variety, quantity, quality, discounts, affordable prices, easy payment methods and everything that you need for happy shopping.

This was the list by us and I hope we were able to help you out in solving your shopping issues. The top five sites are the safest sites and if you choose wisely you can get good products at reduced prices. And here is also a tip, make sure that you read reviews because reviews make it a lot easier for you to decide if you should purchase that product or not.

Happy shopping!

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