Interview with Pranav Jha – Google Ads Expert

This week we are going to have an interview session with one of the top Google ads experts in India, ‘Mr. Pranav Jha’. Being part of the digital marketing industry, he has experience in almost every aspect of digital marketing while delivering work to 500+ clients across different parts of the world and providing training to 2000+ students. 

Let’s start with a small introduction for Pranav Jha before we go into one on one session with him.

Who is Pranav Jha?

Pranav Jha

Pranav Jha is among the leading Google ads expert and digital marketing consultant in India with more than 7 years of experience.  

Pranav Jha is the founder of the AP web world Digital Marketing Agency, Co-founder of PIMS a Digital marketing institute runs a personal blog with a focus on providing valuable information to users and is among the top digital marketing consultant in India. 

Pranav Jha has delivered many sessions in various digital marketing events. His important highlights include notable sessions at Godaddy Events, Kirorimal College, ICFAI University, and BHU University among others. 

Pranav Jha has done a in Computer Science and has one of the most successful transitions as a Digital Marketing Professional in India. 

Here is our transcript for one on one with Pranav Jha and his opinions to questions related to his remarkable career.

Q. When did you start working in Digital Marketing?

Pranav Jha: I started in 2012 and since then have grown leap and bounds to become a Digital marketing practitioner. I was well versed in SEO before I jumped into the paid marketing. Strong fundamentals due to computer science background and technical knowledge made my transition easy. Public speaking through DM conference has helped me to gain confidence in my abilities and keep this going for more success.

Q. How was AP Web World founded? What were the few important steps that led to the success of the organization?

Pranav Jha: Even from college days I always looking to startup and when the opportunity struck, I grabbed with both hands. After my first job experience, I took the risk with my startup. We started with a group of four friends and in the end, it was me only. In the early days, it was full of struggles, step by step progress, and hackles of daily life. Since then AP Web World has now handled more than 500+ clients globally and now has ventured into several verticals. 

Q. How do you rate your success? Are you satisfied with your achievements? What is your most significant success to date?

Pranav Jha: So far journey is really good and I always looking to improvise my skills. Regular hustle helped me to do something valuable in my life. 

Getting first project was special, then starting digital marketing institute is really awesome as I want to help more students and leaners into their journey.

Q. What is your ambition in life?

Pranav Jha: I want to help maximum number of people in growing, digital marketing field is really key pillar of success in any business journey. At the sometime helping students those will further help businesses in growing. Connecting as a founder in the PIMS institute helped me to expand and discover one of my true ambition in life and to be a beacon of light for the next generation. 

Currently, I am connected with several small and medium businesses to generate revenues. And I am looking to carry forward the same approach in the corporate world.

Q. With COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown there has been a significant slowdown in the economy. Has it affected the digital marketing industry? What is the status of your organization?

Pranav Jha: Lockdown is having a severe impact, especially for small businesses. With a loss in footfall this year we might see a slowdown in the economy throughout the year. Surely many of my clients have paused the activities while others are holding to further benefit from this slowdown. We are expecting the market to expand after this lockdown. So yes fingers crossed we are focussing on things that we have always missed and still moving forward with a positive attitude. 

We have fully focussed on branding of all the clients rather than focussing too much on conversion part of the business. Now businesses again started performing so market will improve and give better result 

Q. Newer programmatic solutions with AI, ML are showing huge impressions for the next generations. Will it impact digital marketing? This automation will be beneficial or help you grow further?

Pranav Jha: Yes, a lot of programmatic campaigns are now using the latest technologies. These AI and ML solutions are quite sophisticated and offer a lot of choices for marketers. Automation will be more beneficial and will play a crucial role in taking digital marketing forward in the right direction. Still, a lot of manual configurations and tracking is a must for all paid campaigns. 

Q. What do you think is the best way to learn digital marketing?

Pranav Jha: Today you must understand Digital marketing has been transformed into a full-fledged industry with several opportunities for youngsters. Digital marketing has been evolving since the beginning. Although with a short course in Digital marketing, you get to know various aspects and fields to match your skills. Still, you will learn more with experience.  

Q. You are also co-founder of PIMS a digital marketing institute. What made you switch to the learning curve?

Pranav Jha: It was my dream to be at the forefront of guiding a new generation towards digital marketing. And with this PIMS institute, I achieved one of my dreams. I enjoy sharing and discussing aspects of digital marketing with students to help them carve out a successful career. 

Q. Today digital marketing is a trending topic with several institutes in this niche. How would you differentiate PIMS as a unique institute?

Pranav Jha: At PIMS, we believe in a practical learning approach. All the topics are thoroughly covered and taught with live running campaigns to offer students a comprehensive learning curve. Well written material, meticulous approach, and support we offer students for placements are the main features that make PIMS the best institute for digital marketing. 

Q. What is your opinion on SEO VS PPC?

Pranav Jha: Though I also started mainly as an SEO practitioner. Still, the market has shifted more towards paid marketing as businesses are looking for quick leads and growth to sustain their growth. 

Investors are now ready to invest in reaping huge benefits in the long run. And yes in the long term SEO is more beneficial too. Let me tell you one of my secrets I always offer my clients both SEO and PPC plan. So as a professional you must have experience in both aspects of digital marketing organic as well as paid. Once you calculate ROI you will see both will add lot of value in your campaigns.

Q. How would you explain the future of Digital Marketing?

Pranav Jha: Today the whole world is running online as brick and mortar stores are either connected to large online stores as vendors or have their platform to see users directly. This online business model is available 24 hours and helps businesses to seamlessly connect with customers to offer them value. 

Even in this pandemic lockdown, only the IT industry is running at its full strength. So you can expect the trend for rising digital marketing will continue for years to come and further evolve with optimized user experience. 

Q. You are quite active on Facebook Group, Youtube, and Instagram too. Is video marketing now more effective now? Share your views on video marketing and personalization.

Pranav Jha: Yes, it is truly the age of video marketing. Modern Smartphones with their high internet are the two major factors that led to the growth of this unprecedented growth. 

Facebook surely is one of my favourite modes for keeping with my brand. I love to converse with other digital marketing professionals and discuss issues to improve my knowledge overall. 

Q. Name 4 tools that you would recommend to all aspiring digital marketing professionals!

Pranav Jha: The digital marketing field has been evolving with several tools. If I have to choose four tools, then I would suggest them AHREF, SEMRush, Canva, and Spyfu. 

AHREF: One of the best tools that have remarkably improved in the last few years to emerge as the prominent tool digital marketing professional’s use. 

SEMRush: SEMRush is a highly effective SEO tool with a specific link building index for websites known as Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF).

Canva: Canva is easy to use feature-rich web and mobile application for developing social medial graphics, posters, presentations, and other visuals. 

Spyfu:  Spyfu is a practical learning tool for searching keywords in Google Ads. 

Especially for beginners, it’s always better to start their learning curve with Google Search Console, keyword planners, and analytics to further take the step towards more technical tools. 

Q. What do you look for a candidate when hiring for your digital marketing agency AP Web World or PIMS?

Pranav Jha: We simply conduct personal interviews for the selection of the candidates. If we see the right promise, we offer them the opportunity and push them in the direction for a successful career ahead. Then, it’s all about passion and dedication as they move along. 

Q. You have a strong reputation as a Digital Marketing professional in India. Running own agency, personal blog, institute, and we also came to know you are quite active in the FB group as well. How do you manage all this?

Pranav Jha: I think it’s all about scheduling and keeping things smooth rather than overdoing or confusion. My focus has always been on moving ahead and systematically keeping the progress in check. 

Simply, I enjoy what I do and it’s one of the major reasons why I am standing today as a successful digital marketing professional. 


It was overwhelming to connect you and discussing all the aspects. We can learn from his never say attitude and persistent focus on improvising through experience. He is always sharing, discussing, analysing, and something new through his Facebook group, blog, website, Institute, and so on. Feel free to connect with him today to follow Pranav Jha through:


He is available at LinkedIn. You can connect with him to follow his posts and stay connected with his activities. 

Personal blog, Visit Here!

He also runs a personal blog with regular updates to promote his brand with different aspects of digital marketing. 

Website link – Digital Marketing Agency, Visit Here!

AP Web World is the name of the Digital marketing company he is running since 2012 with more than 15 members.  

PIMS Institute, Visit Here!

Pranav Jha is also co-founder of PIMS a digital marketing institute. So aspiring candidates can further contact him to start their learning curve. 

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