How to curate the best Digital Marketing resume?

Being a digital marketer is already severe, But that is just a cliff. The mountain here is applying for the perfect job with the ideal resume. And you definitely cannot create the ideal resume without identifying your ideal job.

To be a great digital marketer, you firstly need to establish your digital marketing forte. The two mainstream jobs available as a digital marketer create SEO-driven strategies for the content or executing the perfect Social Media engagement strategies.

What is the perfect way to write a digital marketer resume?

Once you have defined the job you need to apply for, we move on to the next step, creating the best resume for digital marketing. To begin with, let’s know how to write a digital marketing resume. Here are some tips from Writrox, Professional resume writing service in India.

1)   Set an Impression by a flaunty start

The first step is to grab your employer’s attention with an eye-catching headline. If you hold certificates that you feel still help you do so, you must flaunt them here. It will enhance your first impression and make your recruiter more positive towards hiring you.

2)   Get the Summary of the resume correct.

The next comes in the Summary. Here, rather than talking about yourself as a digital marketer, express yourself as a person. Here is a tip, talk about why you should be hired as a person for the company. The more plus points and confidence you can gain, the better. Talk about how you are an excellent team leader or a team player or talk about how dedicated and hardworking you are.

3)   Let them know about all your Experience.

While speaking about your work experience, be very specific about your job roles and the industry you have applied for.

For example – An intern writer at XYZ company must be written as Interned as a Content writer for social media posts at XYZ company. This way, your recruiter is clear about what you have done previously and leaves no question marks between you and your employer.

4)   Structure the section of the Education History

Next, speak about your education history. Lay it out in a proper structure. Mention all your degrees, along with the passing year and percentage acquired. Remember to mention your university and the place where it is located. While noting the degree, always write the full forms. It lays a better impact.

5)   Experience or No Experience?

It doesn’t really matter that if you are a new entrant and have never worked as a digital marketer. The key to overcoming the question about “I have no previous job history, and the company’s advert mentions a ‘2-year minimum experience needed’. So, What shall I do?” is to tell them about the projects you have worked on. You should mention all your previous projects in this section, even if they were of one month of volunteer work or a small internship that you did.

6)   Skillset is the most important.

In this section, you need to talk about all the skills you possess. The necessary skills that you can talk about our commitment to work, efforts, and hardworking ability, leadership skills, creativity, presentation skills, writing skills, data analysis, designing skills, etc. You must also mention if you have learned any advanced skills such as the about ads on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, the marketing using email campaigns such as on Mail chimp, Photoshop tools, etc.

7)   Contact Information

It is essential to have a thing for all the resumes as your employer should contact you for any queries. You never know; they might even want to get you with a hiring offer. Once your resume is out in the market, adding your contact details will increase your referrals and close communications chances. You must include your email, where company officials can contact you quickly.

Here is a pro tip – It might be possible that your resume does not fit the job you are applying for. Or the company you have applied for has a better candidate. However, the recruiter feels that your resume is just the right amount of perfect for some other job and recommends you for the same. Add your phone number in your resume for these good people to contact you effortlessly.

What are the most common resume mistakes that you should avoid?

Never oversell yourself: The recruiters are sitting on the position after a lot of Experience. They can quickly point out what is fake and what is real in a resume. Never mention skills that you do not possess, or Experience you have never had, to grab their attention.

Please keep it simple: Do not overuse any graphics which are too big or loud. The Colour scheme must be adequately thought. Vocabulary must be easy to understand.

Avoid grammatical hazards: Yes, we call it hazards. Spelling mistakes and grammar errors are the worst things you can have in your resumes. Always proofread your resume as many times as possible before you send it ahead.

Never be lazy to update: Always updates your resume before sending it ahead for job applications. Change your skill set according to the demands mentioned in the advert of the company.

Isn’t it relatively easy to make an excellent resume for a digital marketer? Keep in mind the simple points that we have listed above, and avoid making the mistakes that people usually make in their resumes.

If you are stuck anywhere, don’t worry about it, as we the CV writing services in India, will be more than happy to help you out and provide the best possible solutions to your queries.

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