Harsh Agarwal and His Journey As a Creative Problem Solver

I received an email speaking about exchanging links and guest blogging for mutual benefit. While I rank on the first page with all digital marketing related keywords, such requests are not a new thing for me. I keep getting such requests and most of them are thrashed. I was about to thrash this one too but I noticed a TEDx video link in the signature which sparked a curiosity. I instantly clicked on it since I am always open to seek inspiration and get motivated. It was the TEDx talk of the sender of the email – Harsh Agarwal.

I watched the video which was about being a modern engineer and a creative problem solver and I could instantly relate to it. Being an engineer myself, I saw so many points that were just as true for me. I quickly decide to mail back with my number and us soon we were speaking on phone. His journey was truly inspirational and I asked him to outline it so that I could blog it on my page.

Here below is TEDx Talk:


Harsh informed how he was just another boy wanting to be an engineer. He went to Kota like many of us do and got into NIT Silchar. However, when he reached the college, he was disappointed with the curriculum and facilities and quickly drifted towards writing. His first book Life In a Nutshell which he launched while being just 19, was about his life in Kota. Within two years, he launched two more books – An excursion of insight and Nazaqat. Meanwhile, he started a small scale content writing agency and hired students from his own college while hunting for clients on LinkedIn. This started his business journey and eventually, he moved to the capital, offering quality content writing services in Delhi.

While he didn’t want to write any more books for himself, he couldn’t stay away too long from book writing and hence started providing ghostwriting services in Delhi. As he points out,

It was a remarkable journey since at a very young age, I was able to work directly with top CXOs and Founders of biggest corporates and family businesses in India. It was an unparalleled learning experience which I would have never got otherwise.

Clearly, Harsh believes more in gaining experience and exposure rather than chasing quick money. The success in ghostwriting and content writing boosted his confidence and he ventured into event management, social media marketing, strategy and most importantly – problem-solving. Within the domain of social media, there was a wide and interesting diversity to experience. One of the most exciting things to do was working as one of the most innovative political and election campaign agencies in Delhi and India.

He also started his journey as a social activist and worked with a number of organizations, received awards and continues to follow his passion – cutting across industries, geographies or any other kind of boundaries.

To conclude, he did have an interesting journey that we all can take inspiration from. I do look forward to work with him in a way or the other and hope that we both will learn something from each other in near future.

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