Google Adwords Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Campaign

Before starting the Google Adword account, You should know why Adwords is needed and how it helps to grow traffic? So, I am going to explain the step by step method to setup Google Adwords account through Google Adwords Tutorial.

In a Digital Marketing world here is a lot of effective platforms for growing traffic and brand awareness. We will learn about Google Adwords and create a live campaign though it. Google 90% revenue by Adwords and it reach 80% of the internet market. It is a great platform to grow any kind of business and reach new customers. Some other features like

Google 90% revenue by Adwords and it reach 80% of the internet market. It is a great platform to grow any kind of business and reach new customers. Some other features like

  • You can set a budget for your comfort
  • You can choose ad placement
  • You can measure the impact of your ad, and
  • You can pause or stop your ad anytime.

Let’s come with me and know more about Adwords and setup free account.

Google Adwords Tutorial Step1: Defining Goals From Google Adwords

The first and most important question, why you want to setup Google Adwords campaign? What what is your destination?

Here are three plans which help to achieve your goal your.


  1. You could increase relevant traffic to your Website through CTR (Click Through Rate)
  2. You could increase sales, leads or inquiries through conversions
  3. You could build your brand awareness through Search Network, Display Network, and Remarketing

Let’s take an example of “Yoga Health Center” for better understanding.

Prashant runs a home based Yoga training and treatment center in Delhi. He offers 3 and 6-month plan for better health and fitness. Presently he is getting his customers through public relations, word of mouth publicity, and etc. Now he plans to go online and creates an attractive website and public Yoga pose and description on his blog. He wants to run a Google Adwords campaign to grow his business quickly. He only starts a campaign to get more inquiries about center and plans.

According to Google Adwords terminology, They measure goal by conversions; For Prashant, the results would be:

  1. Online Inquiry for Yoga Training center
  2. Receiving a ‘call-in booking seat’
  3. Traffic on her Blog

Click this interesting video for better understanding about a campaign:

Google Adwords Tutorial Step 2: Understand Your Audience, Market, Timings, and  Budget

Understanding of Target audiences is an important thing for any kind of business and market totally depend upon your product or service. So, here some suggestions to find target audience:

  • First, you should decide your market like Local, National or International Market
  • Families, Business, or Individuals audience
  • Device based audiences- Mobile, Tablet or Desktop
  • Profession based audiences like Students, Employee, CEO, Housewife, and etc

Google Adwords Tutorial Step 3: Decide About Your Campaign Timings (Ad Scheduling)

Why is Ad scheduling required? or what timing of ad show on the internet?  

You should fix the timing of Ads, If you have a less or limited budget for Ad campaign then ad scheduling is needed. Ad scheduling would help to control on your spend and increase the probability of reach of your Ads over maximum customers.

Here is a list of  best timing for your Ad campaign:

  • You should target audience who be online during weekdays and the normal business hours between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Mostly audiences search during traveling time between 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  • You could target some audience who be online during lunch break.
  • You should make a campaign for the weekend, such as on Friday to Sunday.

NOTE: If you are not sure what timings are best for your Ad campaign and who is your better audience then you can run an Ad campaign for some time for 24*7  and you check performance report to figure out what day and hour are working best for your business.

Google Adwords Tutorial Step 4: Understand your Campaign Budget

You can decide your budget by two ways:

  1. Compare Your budget with other Ad campaigns
  2. Use ‘Plan your budget and get forecasts’ option to get the budget estimation. (shown below)

For our ‘Yoga Training Center’ example, they have an allocated budget of Rs. 150/day.

Guide to Your First Campaign

Click this interesting video for better understanding about your campaign budget:

  • Understand about Google keyword planner Tool:
  • Below video teach you how keyword planner tool can help to decide campaign budget: 

Google Adwords Tutorial Step 5: Open New Adwords Account and Create Your First Campaign

Well, You have been understood what is the basic thing about Google Adwords. So, You have to start your first campaign. If you already have a Gmail account you can use it and sign in through it.  Follow step by step and do while setting up your Adwords account.

We will be creating a campaign for our above example ‘Yoga Training Center’

  1. Go to Google and search Google Adwords or direct click at and log in through your Gmail Id. After successfully account setup you will get like this.
  2. You simply click on Tab “Create your first campaign”Google Adwords Tutorial
  3. Select Type: “Search Network Only and All features”
  4. Write a Campaign Name “Yoga Training Center”
  5. In the “Network” Select “Google Search Network”
  6. In the “Devices” You can keep “all devices”
  7. Choose Location as per your target Marketgoogle Adwords Tutorial
  8. In the Languages section, You can choose the language of the site and match with the target market.
  9. Bid Strategy: Keep it default, we will discuss in detail.
  10. Set your budget as you plan
  11. Delivery Method: Use recommended option “Standard”
  12. Ad Extension: Skip it, We will be added later.Google Adwords Tutorial
  13. Ad Scheduling: Add the Ad appearing time like “Friday to Sunday” from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  14. Ad rotation: This section gives a feature to run Ads at least 90 days, then optimize.Google Adwords Tutorial
  15.  Now, Save and move to next window to create your first Ad group.
  16. Before creating an Ad group, You should do some keyword research and divide keywords into specific Ads groups.Google Adwords Tutorial
  17. Write your Ad Text like thatGoogle Adwords Tutorial
  18. Last is “Payments setup”

Google Adwords Tutorial Step6: Decide Your Bidding Strategy

In our one step, we set did the default bidding option, Now we will understand why Bidding is important and how to make strategy according to advertising goals.

It’s depending on which networks your campaign is targeting and whether you want to focus on getting clicks, impression, or conversions.

Here are the different types of bidding options available in Google AdWords

CPC Bidding If you are focusing on gaining clicks to generate traffic to your website. There is two CPC bid strategies )

  • Automatic CPC Bidding (Simplest and most common to set a daily budget and Adwords automatically manage your bids to bring you most clicks possible. )
  • Manual Bidding ( More control over your CPC on each keyword and operate according to your Ad response.)

CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impression) Bidding

If your only goal is to increase brand awareness and you are not focusing on driving traffic to your website then you can choose CPM Bidding. It increases your visibility of brand or product. It is available only for Display Network campaigns.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Bidding

If your campaign is direct response related like as increase Sales, Leads or Inquiries, then you can choose CPA Bidding. It would be good option to convert directly.

Click this interesting video for better understanding about a Bidding strategy:


You have learned all basic thing about Google Adwords through above Google Adwords Tutorial. Google Adwords is a great feature for every kind business but, you need to know something more about it and remember it. You can win a higher position at a lower price If you follow Google Ad rank method. Always try to put highly relevant keywords in your Ads. Ad rank is calculated by your bid amount and quality score and a quality score based on expected click through rate, Ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Thank you!


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