Eight Steps to Deliver a Perfect Speech

We all have to deliver a speech sometime or another. Be it a personal or a professional engagement and this it is a good idea to understand how to give a perfect speech.

A good speech will have jokes, stories, humor, emoting and much more. Also you should practice your speech many times over till you perfect it and are able to speak it with grace and élan and are able to charm the audience through it.

Eight tips for delivering a perfect speech: –


You should never go to give a speech without preparing for it. You need to be fully completely ready for the speech. Research and get the best information together and then prepare a fantastic speech with wit, inspiration and also use stories.

Once you are done with writing your speech then you should practice the speech as many times as possible. You can also memorize the speech and speak in front of a mirror for practice.

You can also use your cell phone to record your speech and then see how you can improve on it and make it better.

The more you practice the better you will become and if you want to win the hearts of your audience you will definitely have to prepare well in advance. You should also keep in mind who your target audience is and then deliver the speech accordingly. Also never shout. Be assertive but not aggressive. The best way to connect with the audience is through using empathy and you should empathize and try to speak in a language that the audience understands.


Once you are ready with your speech then you should practice and practice more. Practice as much as possible and practice till you are able to speak without any aids. It is a good idea to memorize the speech and also practice it using intonation and modulation.

Also if you want some good inputs on how to deliver a good speech then you can go for an English Speaking app Course in Gurgaon, as with the help of an expert and experienced trainers you will be able to speak better and will also get the tips and tricks of how to deliver an engaging and impressive speech.

The more you practice the better you will become. And thus you should be proactive and not be lazy in preparation.  A small amount of preparation will take you a long way and you will be able to win the hearts of the audience with the help of a fantastic and well-rehearsed speech. Of course, you don’t want to cut a sorry figure in public and practicing will help you become confident and competent while delivering your speech.


Another good idea is to get feedback from your family and friends. Your family and friends want the good for you and they will always help and support you and thus you can trust them and rehearse your speech in front of them. They will frankly tell you about your mistakes and strengths and through honest opinion and guidance to help you prepare your speech better and deliver an awesome speech.

You should go for an English Speaking Course in Gurgaon as over there the trainer and your fellow students will help you become more confident and also they will support you in your endeavor to deliver a flawless speech.

None of us wants to be embarrassed in public when we forget our speech and thus it is critical that we should practice our speech as much as possible to get input from friends, family and our Trainer. These are all our well-wishers and they will definitely help us improving in our speaking skills and they will also point out the errors we are making so that we can improve on our weakness and capitalize on our strengths and deliver a spectacular and well prepared speech.


Your gestures, posture, haptic and facial expression speak louder than words. Body language is more than 60 percent of your entire communication and thus it is critical to work on your body language.

You should always stand straight and not lean while delivering your speech. You should also not fidget or make funny movement. Your hands should move in sync with your words and you should not overdo hand movements. You should have a smile on your face but also try not to overdo it and finally you need to make eye contact with the audience using the lighthouse effect so that you are able to connect with the audience and they are able to relate well with you.


Intonation is the tone in which you are speaking. Modulation is the different volumes you speak in. Thus intonation helps in bringing in emotion in your speech which is very useful in connecting with the audience and modulation helps keep your speech interesting and away from monotony.

Thus when you have intonation and modulation in your speech then you can deliver an engaging and captivating speech.


Using humor is critical if you want to connect with your audience. Be careful of not targeting a community or group. Preferably your humor should be self-depreciating humor. Thus you should play the joke on yourself. This way the audience will connect with you better. You can also prepare some funny stories or jokes for your speech and use them to make your speech more entertaining and engaging.


We can all relate to stories and the characters in the stories. Thus it is a great idea to use stories while you are delivering your speech. You can use some stories from books or the internet and also your stories can be fictional and real too.

Also you can be creative and create your own stories as well or else you can recount some incident from your life itself and this will certainly move the audience.

Using stories makes the speech more interesting and less dull and monotonous and thus stories go a long way in making the speech more entertaining and enjoyable and finally also successful.


It is also a good idea to use cue cards while delivering your speech. These cue cards will help you remember the main points of your speech and then you can elaborate on them in leisure. Carrying cue cards will help you remember all the main points and you will not forget anything in your speech. This is a tried and tested technique which all public speakers use and it is very helpful when you are delivering a speech in a packed house.

Thus by using all these useful tips and techniques you can deliver a great speech and enchant the audience with your oratory and become an icon in your own right. You should also go for an English Speaking Course in Gurgaon where you can practice your oratory skills and practice with a trainer who will mentor and guide you and make you a brilliant public speaker.

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