Effective Voice SEO Strategies to Step Ahead

With voice search increasingly becoming the most common source of internet search for all kinds of commerce it has become critical and important for brands and companies to optimize their listings and webpages so that they are in sync with the questions asked.

Here are some common Voice SEO Strategies to beat the competition and step ahead and rank well in voice search and on smart devices:


It is critical that you should speed up your website as a faster website will mean more business as the customer today has a low attention span and they are not willing to wait for answers.

Your website should also be mobile friendly and the load speed should be maximum 3 seconds and only then the customer will stay with you or else he will reach out to some other webpage.

Make sure that your webpage loads superfast and you will ensure that your success rate is high.


It is critical to keep updating your business listings as if they are not updated then the customers will not be able to reach out to you and the voice search will not show your webpage or listing.

You should continuously and consistently update your address and phone number and website name and see to it that nothing is out of date. Also spread the word about your website on other blogs and sites which are in the same business domain.


A person speaking to a smart speaker or device will act as though he is talking to a friend and he will thus talk in conversational type questions. Thus your device should be able to pick up the tone and the conversational questions and be able to deliver results.

This makes it very important to link conversational type questions in your key words and webpage so that the voice search brings out your link and result first.

Focus on questions which are natural and also answers which are responsive and relevant.

An example of a question is: “How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently


Your website should be able to provide relevant and coherent answers. Thus you should add relevant questions and their answers on your website so that you are able to get through to the right and relevant audience.

You should make your questions and answers conversational and also provide answers to common questions. Apart from that you should continuously update your content which is critical.

Also look for commonly asked questions and on online portals about your products and provide answers for the same. This way you will get more hits and more voice based devices will lead the customer to your webpage and website listing.


First of all, you should test where you rank and on which number or page in the search result. Ask a question to the smart device and check where your listing ranks. This will provide you with a real world picture so that you can improve your listing and website ranking

Next check out the common questions which consumers and customers ask so that you are to design your content in such a way that those questions on voice search reach your website first.

Also check out all the listings a smart voice device comes up with and see where your listing stands.

Finally try to find out the websites from where the answers are being pulled from and emulate their strategy and content design.

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