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What’s interview transcribing?

Interview transcribing is the practice of listening to a sound or video interview and converting it into a written backup for studying purposes.

Nowadays the majority of the journalists, nonfiction bloggers and writers run tens of thousands of hours of interviews, and the majority of them are far too preoccupied to transcribe them independently.

They outsource this task to accelerate the publishing procedure. That is where they want interview transcribers.

Acceptable For:

  • Practically anyone.
  • More acceptable for folks to like to write.

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to hear and comprehend numerous accents in your language of performance.
  • Capability to form quicker is essential.

Ways to Get Started:

The first method is to enrol on subsequent transcription services websites and complete the available tasks.

Here’s the list:

Here is the listing:

The next method is to contact local papers, newspapers, and TV news channels and see whether they can provide you with a transcribing job.

The next method is to get in touch with bloggers, news site owners, and non-fiction authors. Go to their websites, locate their email and ask if they have a need for a transcriber.

Expected Earnings:

You’ll make from $5 to $40 per hour for virtually any interview based upon your expertise.

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