Digital Vidya Vs. DSIM

Digital Vidya Vs. DSIM: Find Out Which Digital Marketing Course is Best for You!

Seeking admission to a course in digital marketing but confused which institute to choose among so many to pursue the certification degree that can give you the highest returns? Then don’t worry, we are here to clear up your confusion to the best.

In this post, we have done a comprehensive comparison between the two top digital marketing institutes – Digital Vidya and DSIM. We hope this comparison will definitely help you get the clear vision so that you can choose your institute wisely at the end.

Digital Marketing- The Hot New Trend for a Lucrative Career

Digital marketing is a hot new trend in the market today. There’s no wonder to the fact that almost all businesses, sooner or later, must include digital in their marketing activities. This is the reason why there is a high demand for digital marketers. Companies look for professionals who possess requisite skills and knowledge to take their marketing campaign to the next level.

Digital Marketing has been offering a lucrative career and is thus attracting more and more people to invest in the course. If you are also one of them, then you might have done a lot of research both offline and online finding a reliable institute to pursue your degree/certification course in digital marketing.

After a thorough discussion & tremendous online research, you will probably land upon two names to pursue your Digital marketing course online i.e. Digital Vidya and DSIM. But again which one is better?

To make this selection process easier for you, we have compared these two institutes based on 6 important points. Go through each one of them; understand what you want and what these institutes have for you and finally select the one that best suit our needs.

1. Digital Vidya Vs DSIM: Type of Course Provided

Digital Vidya is considered a pioneer in offering Digital Marketing training to the students across India & world. With a promising Alexa Ranking of 1991, the institute offers government Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course that includes all modules of Digital Marketing techniques taught to you via both theoretical & practical skills. Know some salient features of CDMM course by Digital Vidya, institute that offers this course & total duration:

  • Digital Vidya is a training partner of Google, Facebook & LinkedIn that reflects its authenticity and credibility.
  • The CDMM course by Digital Vidya includes modules on E-mail marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing and other areas like mobile marketing.
  • The duration of the course is 6 months. So all you will invest in are 6 months to master the techniques of Digital Marketing and start applying it in the real world.

On the other hand Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) is already achieved a ranking of top-class institute and has been offering digital marketing training in Delhi, India. Here are its salient features:

  • DSIM institute offers Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program (ADMTI) in Delhi India.
  • The duration of the course is just 3 months.
  • This course is too partnered with Google, India.
  • DSIM’s this course include a total of 17 modules including Google Ad words, SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Affiliate marketing, and Lead Generation.

Both Digital Vidya & DSIM are reputed & Google Partnered, there is only a difference in duration & module of course.

2. Digital Vidya Vs DSIM: Quality of Training Provided

If we talk about the course content, DSIM offers far more than Digital Vidya. DSIM rely teaching the basics first and the teaching is more focused on theoretical style.  Students will be able to cover only 60-70% of the course. Trainers are knowledgeable, skilled and domain expert but the institute lacks in proper infrastructure that further impacts the practical training.

On the other hand, the modules offered by Digital Vidya have ample of information and entail deep knowledge of the domain. Apart from theory, the emphasis is laid on case-studies, practical learning, and weekly homework. Digital Vidya offers a dedicated trainer for each module of the course. The trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

So here we can say that DSIM works more on theoretical basis while Digital Vidya rely more on practical training. Now its up to you which you admire the most.

3. Digital Vidya Vs DSIM: Classrooms / Mode of study

The DSIM has an edge over Digital Vidya in this vertical as it offers both online and in-class training. So, the candidates can choose the mode of study according to their comfort. The classroom training allows students to satisfy their queries instantly as soon as they face it.

Digital Vidya classrooms are conducted only through webinars. Their classes are well-structured and students are notified of upcoming classes via e-mails so that no one misses a class by chance.

Here DSIM wins the show ad DSIM offers both online & in class training while Digital Vidya just conduct webinars.

4. Digital Vidya Vs DSIM: After Course Support

With Digital Vidya you need not to woryy about your webinars as after enrolment you’ll always be notified for upcoming webinars for free. The candidates will also receive weekly blogs on their email which will keep them aware of the trends in digital marketing field.

Apart from this, DSIM brings informative blogs regularly that can add to the information of any digital marketer. The con is it has no communication medium. You will have to keep yourself updated about the upcoming blogs and webinars via their website.

Digital Vidya offers better communication to their alumni than DSIM.

5. Digital Vidya Vs DSIM: Overall Infra, Atmosphere & Management

Digital Vidya offers a healthy ambience and atmosphere where candidates can learn and grow. Everyone would love to take admission in an institute where everyone from management & trainers has ample knowledge and requisite skills. Thus Digital Vidya’s Digital marketing course offers a total value for money.

On the other hand DSIM’s institute staff lacks in knowledge. Moreover the institute has an improper infrastructure. You may even find 60 students in a single batch which makes it difficult both for the trainers and for the trainees.

Digital Vidya stands alone in terms of infrastructure, overall environment & management.

6. Digital Vidya Vs DSIM: Placement Track Record

The Placement Department of Digital Vidya is much more active than DSIM. They keep on sending information pertaining to the recruitment drive to the alumni as well as to its students from time to time. With the proper career guidance, one can value the credibility of the course. The placement rate of the institute and track record is high.

On the other hand, DSIM differs in placements. Past students have reported that DSIM just makes heaps of promises but fulfils none. Their Placement Department is not very active and there is less chance that one has got a good placement after the course completion.

Digital Vidya offers high placement records than DSIM.

DSIM Vs Digital Vidya: What to Conclude at the End?

I hope this review will help get a clear view of both these courses. Ultimately, it is your choice to pick the right institute for you. If I would have to choose between the two, then I will definitely be opting for Digital Vidya certification course. Digital Vidya offers genuine digital marketing course that not only build up your basic skills in this field but will further enhance your practical knowledge bringing your proficiency level to the next level where you can be offered a lucrative salary as well as help establishing a strong career base.


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