Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO

SEO is not an exact science, It is a combination of art and science. It is the process of getting traffic from the search engines(Google, yahoo, and etc). it’s work according to algorithms of search engines. you would know the periodic table of SEO success factors. and according to the periodic table, SEO is divided into two part. and these are ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO.

What is keyword and why the keyword is important?

Here we will study the main factor for ON-PAGE SEO. As you know content is king and for SEO success, content must be full of KEYWORDS. So, KEYWORD is a word or phrase. A keyword is a term that is used to match with the query a user enters into a search engine to find specific information. and keyword phrase is specific and descriptive.Keyword research is high valuable activities in the search marketing field because it generates huge traffic.

Complete guide to keyword research for SEO

The keyword research process

The keyword research process has four steps. These are like Discover Keywords, Segment Keywords, Determine Keywords, and Prioritise Keywords.

Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO

1.Discover Keywords

First, you should be assessing keywords value because of some points. these are like- The keywords must be relevant to your website’s content, you should know your visitors and what they are looking for your website, and the visitors should be happy with your content.

The keyword discovery process has four steps. and these are like-

  • Influencer Marketing (Keywords that will target Influencers)
  • Informative Keywords (Keywords to build a brand association)
  • Brand Keywords (Keywords to that will convert)
  • Core competency/ Conversion Keywords (Keywords that will convert)


Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO

The keyword discovery process can be done by some tools.  You should know the most popular keyword planner tools.Some are free and some are paid. these tools are like-

  • SEMrush
  • Adwords(google planner tool)
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword
  • Spy Fu
  • Moz keywords explorer
  • KW finder

The most popular keyword tool is Google Keyword Planner Tool. It is totally free. You can easily login with your Gmail ID and use it. You can find new keywords and get search volume data.

Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO
Keyword Research for SEO

Long-Tail Keywords: A Better Way to Connect with Customers

Long tail keywords mean a keyword is like a sentence. It is consist of 70% of daily search volume and less competitive. when searcher type this kind of keywords it means searcher is almost ready to buy.

Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO
Long-Tail Keywords

the traffic you do draw will be better, more focused, and more committed. So, we should not ignore the long tail.

Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO

2.Segment Keywords

Segment by searcher intent content marketing strategy. There is three type of segment keywords and these are totally designed on the basis of a business goal. These are like-

  • Conversion (Direct conversion)Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO
  • Informational (Brand Association)Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO
  • Influencer marketing (Influencer) Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO

3.Prioritize Keywords

Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO

4.Determine Keyword Targeting and New content creation priority

Complete guide to Keyword Research for SEO


Keywords research is most important for any kind of business. In terms of marketing, it’s a high valuable activity. you should use multiple methods and tools for keywords research. and always focus on content and content must be full of relevent keywords.


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