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There comes a point in everybody’s life when they start feeling stressed and their potential gradually shatters. Being humans, it is very common to feel low and that’s when we need somebody to push us and bring in the energy we lost. Well, that’s exactly what motivational speakers do for you.

Motivational speakers are people full of energy and they not only boost your confidence but also inspire you to live a better and happy life. They have a tendency to inspire, motivate and change your energies which all together helps you in achieving your goals. The role of motivational speakers is changing too and now their scope has expanded to companies as well. They not only help people in living a happy life but also inspire employees to work with full potential, help companies in achieving sales targets and enhance performances overall.

There have been many motivational speakers such as Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, Suze Oraman and Tony Robbins who are known for their words and their effectiveness. The trend of inviting motivational speakers for conferences, seminars, events and summits is quite old in foreign countries but India has adapted it recently. Companies and famous people across the world invite motivational speakers to boost the energy of people surrounding them and inspire them to work efficiently and effectively however now even the small firms and mid-size companies also invite these speakers to bring some positive energy in their firm.

Performances of people start falling down due to stress and workload and motivational speakers reduce this stress through their words to increase productivity. Motivational speakers not only help people in attaining in organizational but life goals as well. They motivate people to live a healthy and happy life and that’s the reason why universities, hospital authorities and even government started conducting motivation seminars regularly.

If a person is happy inside the results are visible to the world. With this note let me introduce you to the best motivational speakers of India and here goes the list:

Sandeep Maheshwari

There might be rarely any person who is not familiar with this name. From taking birth in a middle-class family to being one the most successful entrepreneurs, his story is full of struggle and inspiration.

He stepped into the modelling world in his college times and wanted to have a career but he failed in being a successful model. Later he opted for photography and went on to shoot portfolios for models at minimal cost. His name is listed in Limca book of records as he holds a photograph records. Sandeep Maheshwari failed many times but he never gave because he believes EVERYTHING IS EASY and everything becomes easy when you start doing it. Sandeep Maheshwari runs a firm ImagesBaazar which has the largest collection of Indian images. Through his firm, Sandeep Maheshwari also uplifts the newcomers of the modelling world.

His Youtube channel has millions of subscribers but he does not earn even a single penny out of it because he aims at inspiring. He conducts his own motivation sessions which all are for free. Sandeep Maheshwari has not only changed his but lives of million people through his quote ‘everything is easy’.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, a former doctor based in America whose origin lies in India is one of the best motivational speakers the world has currently. Deepak Chopra was a medical student from Delhi who later went to America to practice as a doctor.

Being a doctor, Deepak was always conscious of health and after some time he found himself developing an interest in spirituality. He practised transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and was connected to him for a long time but later on, Deepak parted from Maharishi for some reason.

Deepak then went on writing books on health and wellbeing and gave some bestsellers to the world as well. Deepak does not practice as a doctor but he is still working for people’s wellbeing. Deepak is surely one of the best motivational speakers as he inspired millions of people to live a better life. His words are not confined to books only but he also attends seminars and shares his ideas of well-being with people personally.

Robin Sharma

‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ a book that changed lives of a thousand people and gave them a new perspective to see life is the masterpiece of none other than ROBIN SHARMA. Those who have read his book already know how impactful his words are!

Robin Sharma is based in Canada but his origin is India. Currently, he works with Nike and helps them is seeking motivated, attaining leadership and sales goals. However, Robin Sharma started his career as a lawyer and his book ‘the monk who sold his Ferrari’ is based on his true experiences of being a lawyer and quitting his job to become a motivational speaker. Robin Sharma has surely attained the success he has been looking for and he has also shared the stage with some renowned names like Tony Robbins, jack welch and Bill Clinton.

Shiv Khera

Names related to politics usually do not belong to such list but calling shiv khera, an exception won’t be wrong. Shiv Khera is associated with Bharatiya Rashtravadi Samanata party and he works to fight against corruption and bring in the education. He has also written many inspiring books and among his entire book ‘you can win’ made it to the bestselling book list.

He has been surrounded by controversies which he settled later on but who really care about your controversies when you continue to do a good job. His life to has been full of struggles; his father owned coaled mines which were nationalized by the government and that left him with no money. He did several small jobs like car washer and an insurance agent which made him tough yet humble.

Shiv khera attends seminars and inspires people through his words and his words are not confined to national boundaries only. He travels across the world and does this job whenever he gets chance.

Chetan Bhagat

Here comes another familiar and famous name Chetan Bhagat. He is not only a renowned author and columnist but a motivational speaker too. Born on 22nd April 1974, Chetan was raised in army surroundings as his father was an army person. He completed his education from IIM joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker.

Chetan has written some books on youth life which were loved by nation and the nation still continues to give him love and support for the work he does. He writes columns on a regular basis and has also made appearances on television.

No longer has he worked as an investment banker but he shares his experiences in seminars and help people in attaining their goals. His seminars are full of energy and motivation and are usually youth-oriented. He is invited by many engineering and management colleges as a motivational speaker and hence, he makes it to our list.

Priya Kumar

It’s time to praise some woman power as we are going to talk about Priya Kumar now.  Priya Kumar is an author, speaker and dreamer whose motto is ‘empower dreams’ was born in Chandigarh. She uses to work as a tuition teacher at the beginning of her career when she also met Dr Niranjan Patel who inspired her to become a motivational speaker.

Priya got inspired by Mr Patel‘s work (her neighbour) and started working with him. After Dr Patel’s death, Priya continued to carry his legacy and started spreading his visions to change people’s lives. This is how she became a motivational speaker. In the present time, Priya is associated with renowned brands like Airtel, Bacardi, colours TV and many more. Priya is also known for her books like ‘the calling’ and her ‘fire walking sessions’ and that’s why I could not stop myself from including her in this list. Cheers to the girl power.

Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh chabariya, a self-made man who started from nothing and proved that sky is not the limit when it comes to achieving. He is the founder of The Happionaire Way, which focuses on overall growth, sales, leadership, motivation, happiness, entrepreneurship and financial growth. He has a strong faith in goddess Laxmi and goddess Saraswati and also practices transcendental meditation.

Yogesh chabariya has been through the crucial conditions but he raised himself to grow. Yogesh was born in surroundings where he was not able to afford even necessities and started selling toys on streets at age of 5. Later on, he went to Iran and continued to sell clothes and comics in school to earn living. He returned back to India at the age of 16 and started door to door selling.

Yogesh has many such stories which have surely made his struggles harder but soften him as a person. Yogesh knows what kind of financial and emotional breakdowns a person can have and hence owns the solution to every problem.

He is not just an entrepreneur but also author and has spoken across the world to inspire people. Be it, billionaires, royalty or movie stars Yogesh has clients from every background. His achievements speak for him making him not only a successful entrepreneur but speaker as well.

Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh started his career in the hotel industry and holds a degree in hotel management which was doing great for him. He also got trained under Marriot International Management Training Program which enhanced his skills and he got jobs in Dubai, USA and India.

You get a call from inside and you know this is it! This is what happened to Simerjeet. He had a promising career and all the steps that would have taken him to the success in the hotel industry but he decided to change his path. Simerjeet gave up everything and decided to become a motivational speaker after which he worked with hundreds of companies and gave a motivational speech for them. He has been to thousands of seminars and he still continues to inspire and motivate people through his sessions.

This was the story of Simerjeet Singh, a young and successful motivational speaker who made it to our list of top motivational speakers of India.

TS Madan

Tarvinder Singh Madan is not only a motivational speaker but also an established actor and comedian. Along with being an actor, he is also an experienced sales trainer and keynote speaker. He holds 35 years of experience in the field of motivational speaking and still does not miss any chance of attending motivational sessions and seminars.

This person is full of life and aims at making people laugh and being a Punjabi his way of expressing himself becomes more interesting and fun. What makes this man different from others is that he has his own dictionary of Hinglish (which is a mix of Hindi and English words) which he uses to portray his words. He is working successfully to spread love and laugh across the nation and serving people who love him and how can I forget to mention that he is a great soul too as he donates blood regularly.

Sneh Desai

Sneh Desai, director of Sneh world group of companies is also a motivational speaker and great human being who is always ready to help. He is known for his signature even ‘change your life workshop’ which he conducts in almost 23 cities across the nation.  He also conducts training programs in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Africa and UAE etc. where he trains youth and polish their skills.

He delivered his first speech in the age of 9 and still continues to do it. Sneh is also known for his welfare deeds and helpful initiatives such as ‘feed-in need’ and ‘100 days of free training program’. He also runs a Youtube channel where he followed by more than 100 countries all over the world. He is high on energy and soft at heart which makes people love him more and more. He owns the ability to make people take actions and just not talk about it.

So, now when you feel demotivated and lack energy you know where you need to head. This was our list of motivational speakers and we hope that you will able to find some help for yourself (in case you are looking for it). Stay tuned for the updated list of motivational speakers of India.

May you have a happy day each and every day!

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