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What does a research assistant do?

A research assistant is a man who’s hired to conduct research, gather the information and present it in a tidy, concise method. The information accumulated by a research assistant enables the customer to obtain the reply to their queries. The majority of the businesses, market researchers, scientists, media companies demand information for their jobs, decision making, and strategy preparation. In the majority of the circumstances, they do not have sufficient human resources and time to perform a study and gather all of the information independently.

Therefore they always employ people who can do that task for them.

Suitable For:

Anyone who is comfortable in doing research and has a desire to learn new things.

Skills Required:

  • Ability to conduct proper research on the internet, collect valuable data and summarize it into an easy to read report.
  • Ability to dissect important points and keep an eye on important details.
  • Strong English grammar and writing skills.
  • Strong critical analysis and logical reasoning skills.
  • Creative problem-solving skills.


Ways to Get Started:

The single best choice I could find is to begin by submitting an online application to be a private research assistant in


Askwonder is a firm that provides personal lookup services to businesses, entrepreneurs with the intent of conserving their time spent on performing study by giving comprehensive answers to their questions.

How does it work?

  1. Fill your Askwonder application on the following URL:
  3. Once your application is accepted, you can visit the research dashboard and select the research assignment that interests you the most.
  4. Conduct the research, find the answers and summarize them into easy to read report.
  5. Submit your work and earn money.


Expected Earnings:

The majority of your earnings will be dependent on the amount of assignments you finish. Earnings will also change according to question’s sophistication. Therefore, some will make you more income than many others. Generally, the majority of the queries will cover you between $8 to $16. Top researchers earn around $35 per hour and earn around $2000 a month.


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