A Step by Step Guide for Nurturing Process Through Emails

This is a guide (A Step by Step Guide for Nurturing Process Through Emails) for strategizing how to nurturing audience through emails and in this guide we will learn how to communicate via email in a personalize ways and how to connect with customers physiology. Before this guide, you should learn the basic of email Marketing via guide “How to Manage Your Email List Professionally Using MailChimp“. If you have learned then skip it.

If you are running any business case then you take one and if you do not have one, take a hypothetical one.

Step 1: Define The Start And The End Point Of Your Nurturing Process

This is a very important step to deciding which point in the marketing funnel will the nurturing process starts and at which point will it end. If you focus on majorly on Email Marketing then you have to understand what is Marketing funnel and what is the advantage of it because each step of email Marketing is not for everyone. So Let’s take an example: I am assuming that I am working a company which is BloggerWlogger as an Email Marketer. BloggerWlogger offers Blogging Training course. The Visitors on BloggerWlogger’s website are filling inquiry form  for below reasons:

  • Registering for Live Demo class
  • Downloading Guides or E-books
  • Subscribing to blog or News Feed

Well, As I am an email marketer so I can treat visitors at different starting points and if I deal with all the users separately then I will deliver personalized email for each segment but It could be more complexed. I am considering we all are beginners in it and take starting point as users registering on BloggerWlogger’s website for demo class, guides or E-Books, Blog subscription. And take end point as the visitor is interested in available batch for Blogging course. The end point could in anything depends on business to business.

Step 2: Define A List Of Blocking Questions That You Want To Address Through Emailers

The Marketing Funnel is based on the Psychological “hierarchy of effects” and Email Marketing is all about catchy Headline and Content. So put some tricky questions in email content which is known as Blocking Questions. In the online space, audience nurturing through Blocking questions is the most amazing thing. The Blocking question is related to “Awareness, consideration, and preference” that do effects on customers mind. You should try some blocking questions in your content. Just think and understand Marketing funnel.

Nurturing Process Through Emails

Source: Rethinking the Marketing Funnel in a World of Social Media

Blocking Questions: “Based on above example of BloggerWlogger Blogging Course”

  • Why should I learn Blogging?
  • Why should I choose live online classes?
  • Can I attend classroom training?
  • Is it helpful for a career?
  • Am I skilled enough to learn Blogging?
  • I am already a Blogger, is it useful training program?
  • Why should I take BloggerWlogger’s Course, why not others?
  • Why should students learn Blogging?

Step 3: Identify Content Types

There are lots of possible content types and some of the content types will take a lot of investments in terms of time & money. Initially, you may not be sure which one will work for you. Therefore, it is important that you do proper research on content making. Your users may be consuming this content on your website, blog, Video Channel, Facebook page or Blog. You will be informing them about new content units on Emails and directing them to the relevant section. Here are some content types that help you.

  1. Free Consulting services
  2. Free Trial for limited period
  3. Webinars
  4. Informative blog posts
  5. Videos
  6. Guides/E-Book in PDF format
  7. Industry Reports
  8. Survey Results
  9. Testimonials
  10. Breaking News
  11. Customized Games
  12. Tools

 Nurturing Process Through Emails

Source: Digital Content Marketing Strategy (2017)

Step 4: Identify Content Baskets

It is most important to create a long-term strategy it means pre creation of content and arranging content at regular intervals. This is called “Content Baskets”. Let’s take an example of BloggerWlogger: Suppose email marketer of BloggerWlogger selected a content type as “Webinar”. Now, he can think of each individual content elements like Webinar by Neil Patel on “Scope of Blogging in future”. As an email marketer, He has to think about the next topic to next webinar. Otherwise, he has an option to think in terms of the content basket.

In BloggerWlogger, the marketing team identified “Expert Interviews” for the content type “Blog Posts” as a relevant content basket for the users. Marketing Team contacted 150 experts on LinkedIn through a single e-mailer.

Step 5: Create Content Publishing And Emails Schedule

In the content creation, You have to address all the blocking Questions. For Example, you have selected 20 Blocking questions for 10 content unit because you can not assume that your subscribers will read and respond all your emails. You need to create content of the same message in the different content units.

The second thing is you don’t send the same message multiple time unnecessarily. It may be a cause of high un-subscribers. You should take gap to send emails. You could send one email each week if your receiver will ok with it.

Step 6: Creation Email Pipeline

Well, You have covered all the basic fundaments of nurturing process. The last thing is that creates the content unit and communicate. Good quality content has more priority the making of strategy. You should try to focus on single content for a single user because it is more impactful. Keep your messages short and crispy. 


Email marketing is not about bulk mailing to users, It a relationship for a long time. So you should plan everything and create attractive content and try to send emails at a specific time for more engagement. I have covered all basic thing to below guide “A Step by Step Guide for Nurturing Process Through Emails”. Keep learning and applying!

Thank you!

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