A Comprehensive Guide to Career Test

A person’s success in a particular field can only be prominently predicted once he jointly takes the test of aptitude, interest, intelligence and personality. Hence if a person scores very high in some test of aptitude or interest or personality individually, he should be retested with the remaining others in order to confirm the high scores. This is not to disregard the reliability, validity and other standardization measures of the test but just to provide an additional assistance to the candidate to assess himself in a better way. Whether a person will be suitable for a particular career or not depends on he is amalgamation of aptitude, interest and the kind of personality he is.

Everyone of us changes physically as we grow up but underneath those changes if one looks deeper, one can easily recognize the same person they had known before.Hence personality is the candidate’s unique and considerable stable patterns of attitude, behaviour, thoughts and emotions or the cognitive forces that work together and make people unique. Most of the career tests online are various tests of intelligence, aptitude, personality and interest. However the kind of test one chooses to sit for depends on his or her choice, and also the kind of job they wish to apply for.Every job has their own demands on the basis of the job posts they screen candidates for.Human’s interest in personality is as old as civilization. Personality provides individuals an insight into themselves. The Indian intellectual tradition give the detailed account of the conceptual framework aimed at the deeper understanding of the nature of human beings, and such frameworks are also known as the theories of personality.

In modern psychology,it helps in the provision of a conceptual account of the human beings as a wholeand suggestsmodes of dealing with difficult problems thatpeople are often required to face.Psychologists operating in different facets of occupation and education called attention to a glowing body of evidence, suggesting the fact that all the people show a considerable degree of consistency in their behaviour across different kinds of situations. Personality is indeed real and worthknowing.The personal styles and strategies are unique for every person and these are the individual differences in the meanings people assign to various situations and events. A person, who shows a considerable persistency in this regard, consistently shows similar kind of behaviour in similar kind of situations.And hence after certain point of time, this becomes a kind of behavioural signature of their personalities and hence easily recognizable, no matter to what extent a person changes phenotypically.

Nowadays people are even confused about who they are, what they do and why they do. Most of us are running in a rat race not knowing why. A great majority of individuals are doing jobs which were chosen by their parents, relatives and others but not by them. They had been forced to choose a career not by their choice but by someone else’s. And most of them have encountered the fact that when the burden increases, they feel like quitting and never come back. They feel squeezed and squashed, they feel desperate and frustrated and worn out. Yes we do not give much attention to this, but it goes on harming us internally, subconsciously and psychologically. Individuals commonly attribute this as a very common place thing and believe that every one of us has to toil in their lifetime, to rise in their professional life and be happy. But they forget the fact that choosing a career which you are not fit for mentally, might squeeze out your desire and your energy, and drain you gradually day by day. In severe cases it may also happen that, a person might collapse unable to sustain the pressure. It is needless to say that a company who gets such acandidate, who gets selected on the basis of one aptitude test, might win only temporary gains for the organization.

Hence, it is logical to examine the candidate further on other tests of aptitude, along with tests of interest and specially, tests of personality. The tests of interest can tell whether the candidate has joined to the organization on his own wish, or whether he has been forced to. The test of personality will clearly picturize the fact whether the candidate will be able to sustain in the organization for long periods of time, provided he has scored high on other test of aptitude and interest. Temporarygains and profits are not of much use because initially they might seem very pleasing and sweet but eventually this results in loss on the part of the company. If the candidate is unable to sustain himself in one place for a minimum period of time, the organization will have to search for another best fit in no time to fill the post. And it will bring some obvious, extra and unwanted expenses for further conducting the entire selection process.

The career test carefully measures the innate capabilities of an individual, in terms of aptitude, personality and interest. It is easier on behalf of the organization or the person once he gets to know his true potential. This way the decision making regarding every incoming candidate will be increasingly easier, once the companies take use of the career tests. Choosing the right career path is extremely essential in the life of every candidate. This choice of the candidates however indirectly influences the companies that they join later. Such tests are very popular among the students, who have just completed their 11th or 12th grade and wish to start their career in the right direction and with the right kind of job. Not only do such tests highlight the individual’s strength but also they pinpoint the weaknesses of every candidate.

It clearly defines the various kinds of skills hidden in a person. This would otherwise never have come into the forefront. It also enables a candidate to choose the career on the basis of his innate abilities.This test provides an insight to the candidate about his or her professional interests.

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