5 Branding Tips That Will Make Your E-Course Business More Successful

The entire makeup of what you’re offering and how it is presented to your target audience is called Branding. Branding begins with the visual design but extends into how you communicate your brand’s mission, message, and vision.

If you sell digital content, Branding for you would be your virtual identity. The value you provide through your course content, as well as the theme you choose for your website, comes under the branding. 

For Example, Spayee being an Online Course Platform follows the same colour scheme & similar pattern of creatives for its Social Media. Their customers i.e. educators who have launched their Online Courses through Spayee has similar built-in platforms.

5 ways to make your Online Course successful through Branding

Determine a clear Brand Message 

With social media creatives & blogs getting published, you need to clearly define what your audience can expect from the Online Courses you sell to them. Mention what makes your courses unique from the different course creators. 

For example, if you are an MBA graduate who teaches MBA aspirants how to solve Maths (Quantitative Ability) in CAT exams. This becomes your main goal. So, your marketing strategies must project this message to your audience.

Determine your colour scheme, logo & fonts 

Your graphics need to be coordinated in order to create a cohesive online branding strategy. Design your logo, entail brand colour, and pick up the font types which would represent your brand. 

The best way is to determine a maximum of 3-4 colors. 

Even if you don’t own a website as of yet, you should still define a color scheme for any landing pages you might create through a third-party online course hosting site, such as Spayee (helps institutes and teachers to create, market and sell courses online.)

The fonts that you choose will be used as your main text, titles of blog posts, headlines and text that appear on images, etc.

Be consistent in your offering

Branding plays a significant role in your business because of the overall impact it has on your audience. It has the power to change how learners perceive your brand. The first rule of success while trying to create a brand image is to be consistent. If you, in any form, keep popping in front of the consumers, they remember you. 

Create a branding plan where learners come in contact with your brand at least once every day. 

Sync your Marketing Strategies

Irrespective of whatever method(s) you choose, you must have a specific way of marketing your online courses. Do some research and figure out what works best for you through trial & error. Once you figure out what’s generating maximum engagement, keep repeating it in the same fashion. By doing so people will get a hang of what your brand is all about. 

For example, if you use a specific template on all your social media creatives, then keep up with this every time you post a creative on social media. 

Surprises your learners through rewards

It’s fairly important for an Online Business to launch some sort of rewards program to retain existing customers & encourage potential customers. 

However, a more powerful way is to create some criteria & take it from there. 

One such way is to identify your most active learners & send them some rewards for staying engaged on your platform. Getting something unexpected would spark deep emotions & would fetch complimentary referrals. 

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