4 Ways To Promote Your Drop Shipping Store ($3,681.57 in One Month) | Case Study

Last Year in 2018, I work in a drop shipping shop online (wholesalebear.com).

It was a massive learning curve I needed to get over with quickly, however, like everything in existence; after you put in the effort, you may notice results begin to enter.

My drop shipping journey, up to now, was amazing.


Not bad.

Obviously, having ~3,956 targeted traffic coming from your shop and creating purchases is fantastic, but to me, that’s merely scratching the surface.

How to Promote Your Drop Shipping Store:

Now, while I’ve just been performing fall shipping for a little while now, I have been building sites and making cash using them for the previous five decades, so I know something or two about visitors and how + where to purchase it from.

These hints will apply to everyone that’s wanting to get more visitors and promote their internet properties; if it might be a fall shipping shop, a site, a sales page, a forum or anything; these hints are exactly what I understand works.

As always, I must put a small disclaimer in here and tell you this is what’s worked for me personally.

There may be 100s (and there is) of different ways in which you can market and promote your drop shipping shop and remember that the methods which work for me may not work for your business you’re working in.

Nonetheless, these advertising techniques I am going to reveal is what I have used to market several shops and blogs in many different distinct niches, and I’ve observed similar results throughout the board.

Ready to begin?

Here are a few ways that you market your drop shipping shop:

Let us begin with how I know you have heard about:

Facebook Advertising & Dropshipping

Facebook Ads are marvellous to me, also it is only a dream come true to each marketer seeking to drive more visitors. The things I have seen occurring for me and for several other drop shippers using Facebook Ads is really charming and this is something that I urge everybody (at least) try out.

You will require a budget for it, so in the event that you have $0 then this may not be for you, but as soon as you find the results I’m getting with Facebook, then you will shortly see why I believe that they are such a massive deal and I put them in those four strategies to publicize your drop shipping shop. This is what I normally cover to advertise in my shop Facebook:

The Way To Learn Facebook Advertising…

Like I said; you will want a budget. As you can see previously; I invested a total of $1000 final months but that is not all. Get organized, get some advice, learn the intricacies of this platform and begin testing. You do not need to become a specialist with it I doubt anybody is given the immense depth and power it’s, but you want to know the fundamentals.

SEO And Blogging

If you are searching to earn a fast buck with e-commerce, then this isn’t for you.

But; should you wish to construct a more long, sustainable business model, then you need to definitely begin considering how to optimise your dropshipping shop for SEO.

Dropshippers (and eCommerce shops generally ) battle a great deal with SEO since the machine is constructed against them.

For instance; Amazon dominates the search results for almost any merchandise you might type into Google so great luck with trying to contend with such a massive brand with countless dollars in advertisements funds and an army of employees.

What’s the solution?

Can it anyway.

Learn some Search Engine Optimization basics and Begin utilizing Shopify as a blogging tool, It Is Going to take you some time to find out what works best because it is different for each market, but I will discuss the plan that I used myself :

For Instance, If your drop shipping shop sells”yoga mats”, your articles on the site should appear something like this:

“x advantages of yoga”
“that the very best yoga mats for beginners”

It is a very long chance, but in time and with patience, then you are going to begin getting picked up for several keywords like this and it’ll find the ball rolling for you.

The Way To SEO Your Own Dropshipping Store

As soon as you start getting visitors to these articles, begin to redirect those subscribers to specific product pages on your own shop. By way of instance, the article “the very best yoga mats for beginners” can comprise 20 different yoga mats which you are able to link to in your shop.

This is a fantastic step forward, and it’ll get you traffic and earnings and remember; it is possible to create articles in this way over and over again. Obviously there is a lot more for this, but for now future, doing the above can allow you to begin.

Promoting Your Shop On Social Networking

Right, moving on to societal websites, which; is an excellent way for you to publicize your drop shipping shop.

As of now, my social websites for my fall shipping shop entails three stages; Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and united, those 3 gets me about 40 per cent of my general traffic.

Exactly like SEO, this can be 100% traffic. All I need to do is maintain the updates flowing on those stations and I am fine I use a useful tool named Buffer for this.

Buffer permits you to schedule social networking postings beforehand so I’m never short of getting content and products being shared. In the time of writing this, I’ve upgrades to go for another 3 months.

It is way better to concentrate on a single social media and get it done well compared to half-ass it over 4 programs.

Pick one, when I had to recommend one I would say Pinterest and concentrate on growing that into the moon.

PRO TIP: Remember, as soon as you start getting visitors in from social networking and SEO, you should begin generating look-alike-audiences to your Facebook Ads that will drive down the costs and (if ) also boost your conversions.

Last but not least, I Need to mention another Fantastic Way to promote your shop, which is the highly talked about and debated procedure of;

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Email advertising

Yes, email works excellent well, and it will contribute to lots of sales that occur online instead of merely for me personally; however, for anyone knows how to utilize it well.

Like social websites, I schedule my emails beforehand, therefore, at this stage in time, I’ve one month value of upgrades which are scheduled to venture out + an automated sequence for each and every subscriber that unites a healthy mix of helpful articles and directly hard-sell emails.

The very best thing that’s worked so much is offering a 20% reduction to whoever joins my listing by means of pop up when they land in my shop.

In Closing…
Thank you very much for reading this article and I hope I’ve given you a couple of suggestions about how to best market your fall shipping shop online.

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