20 Websites to Keep You Updated With Updated Tech News and Latest Gadgets

Technology is truly a blessing to us humans. Combination of human brains and technology has revolutionized the world and made our lives easier. A constant experiment with technology goes on which leads to the formation of new technology. A wide range of various technological products get launched in the market every second day and it’s hard to visit market very often to find about new technologies.

But don’t worry; even this job has been made easier by technology now. There are several tech news websites which will keep you updated. Here is a list of top tech websites which will provide you with all important news and information related to the tech world.


Cnet.com provides well-researched information about the latest gadgets and technology. They aim at creating a technology prone world where no one lags behind in terms of using technology. The website also has a dynamic range of news regarding changes made in the tech world and launch of new models or versions of the camera, phones, tablets and games etc.

Cnet.com has been able to attract a large number of honest and loyal readers because of its edifying information and lucid language. The website also keeps you about the latest models and technologies launched by Apple, Microsoft and androids. If you are a technology geek and you are looking for a website which will not let you miss even a single update of the tech world, then cnet.com is your destination.


Techcrunch.com, a website which not only keeps you updated with tech world information but also review new internet portals and products. The website never let you lag behind in terms of gadget and new tech product information. This website is ideal for tech enthusiast who can’t keep themselves away from technology. The website keeps a close check on the new launches made by big companies like Dell, Microsoft, and apple etc. you will not only get information about products and gadgets but launch and updates of apps as well.


A lot of tech websites provide you with information about new launches but very few websites help you in finding the best gadget for yourself. Gizmodo.com, the website you cannot stay away from because it not only keeps you updated with tech world but also review those products and provide you with user-guide which definitely reduces the chances of malfunction by-product.

The website provides brief information about ios, android and windows operating system along with keeping you updated with the freshly launched smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices. The website also reviews those products for you and help you in finding the best gadget for yourself. What makes this website more special is that it also provide you with user guide and help you in understanding your gadget in a better way.


So many websites and you don’t know which one to trust! Tech2.com is the answer to all such confusions. Tech2.com upload videos regarding review and new product launches and focus on providing you with the rarest of rare tech information.

You can also visit this website to find reviews of new products and gadgets like mobiles, home theatre and gaming devices etc. unlike other sites, tech2.com also makes a comparison between various websites and helps you in finding the one which publishes true information. And wait the features aren’t over yet! You can also learn some incredible technique and usage of gadgets from the column called ‘how to tab’.


When it comes to technology you can trust thenextweb.com blindly. The website works really hard to keep you updated with the latest tech world news. This website provides well researched and detailed information about culture and business-related technologies.

This websites also cover various other fields affected by technology such as personal care gadgets, designer assets, web services and games freshly launched in the market. Thenextweb.com is doing really great for its users, which attracts more than 10 million page views per month and more than 7 million website visits in a month.


Techradar.com is known for its unique feature of rating phones and other gadgets. The website not only keeps you updated with the latest news of tech world but also rate those gadgets for you. In case you are looking for a good tablet or phone you can visit techradar.com to find which one will suit you best. One of the unique features of this website is that these ratings are done upon the research and usage which make gadgets worthy enough to buy.

Techradar.com is also different from other websites because it provides information about cars as well. You can get detailed information about the new models of a car along with the model updates. This websites also compares the different model of cars and technology used in them to keep you updated about their benefits and shortcoming. This website is truly a gem for technology freaks.


Technorati.com is a quite popular website among tech bloggers. It provides information about the latest technologies and related news which tech bloggers can use to hike traffic on their websites.

Techradar.com ensures that they are among the first people posting about new technology. They also review devices based upon their technology and their usability. If you are a blogger or even a common reader, techradar.com can be your stop to get all the information of tech world before anyone else.


As the name says, the website aims at providing you information and latest versions of play station. Sony interactive entertainment or SIE has launched many family products under the flagship of the Sony world and play station is just one of those products. As the product has been launched under flagship not everybody has the right to review the product and write about it.

PlayStation is widely loved by people and Sony launches its updates from time to time. However, it becomes hard to find which version is better if you don’t have the reviews. Blog.us.playstation.com is the only website where you will get information about the latest version of play stations along with the reviews. Well, hands down to Sony for revolutionizing the gaming experience.


Busniessinder.com was founded by Dwight Merriman, Henry blodge and Kevin Ryan, bunsinessinsider.com is a top-ranked website that provides information about financial, media and tech world along with some other fields as well. Businessinsider.com was launched on 19 July 2007 and since then it has shown rapid growth in the number of audiences.


If you are looking for a website which can help you in living an upgraded life surrounded by advanced tech gadgets then digitaltrends.com is your ideal stop. Digitaltrends.com aims at upgrading your life and it is surely working towards its aim. This website keeps you updated with every technology and gadget which you need to live a tech life.

Digitaltrends.com makes it easy for you to find some fashionable, in your budget and latest gadgets. The website keeps a close eye on the launch of new product and apps by Apple, Android and other operators. Keeping that aside, you can also get useful and wide information about cars, music systems and photography. The website tells you how you can get the best out of any gadget. If you are willing to learn, visit this website and you will never fall short of information.


There are very few websites that solely work for the betterment of society. Theverge.com is popularly known for their reviews about gadgets which aim towards the betterment of society.

This website not only tells you about the new launches but also inform you if they are good for you or not. The website puts an emphasis on promoting gadgets which are good for humans and the environment.  Society cannot thank theverge.com enough for the contribution it is making for the betterment. And do not get confused, theverge.com is not biased towards gadgets rather it provides precise information for better understanding of the product.


A website that has more than 20 million unique visits would be something really amazing and worthy enough to visit and so as mashable.com. Mashable.com has information regarding entertainment, technology, gadgets and everything worthy enough to know.

Video presentations are their speciality and it will not be wrong to say that video quality and description are the reasons behind its success. Its dynamic and precise information along with dazzling videos are the reason why the website belongs to the list of top website.


There are plenty of tech websites and each of them has their own speciality and wired.com is known for its comprehensive and substantial information. The website not only provides updates of technology but also discuss their scope and implication in future.

The website develops a wide vision to allocate future trends and find out what kind of technologies can be launched in future. Wired.com is an engrossing website and will always serve to your technology-related curiosity.


Slashgear.com is known for its trustworthy reviews and detailed tech information. The website writes about the new technology launches and how they are usable in human terms. Slashgear.com is often known for its bare and precise reviews which makes you trust upon the website.

If you are attracted by any gadget then you can look for their reviews on slashgear.com; it will help you in deciding if the gadget is worth your money or not.


Usually, websites use complicated and advanced language to write about gadgets assuming that it will enhance the quality of content but that’s not true. People prefer websites which use simple and effective language because that’s what they can connect to.

Ubergizmo.com post about new gadgets and tech news and also discuss their scope, features along with cost and such other factors. Ubergizmo.com writes in an easy language which let people build an instant connect with the website.


Eurogamer.com, a website completely dedicated to gamers. This website has been posting about video games since 1990 and has been able to maintain their content quality. They have worked hard enough to keep themselves updated about new games and change with changing trends.

You will get information about almost every video game on this website. The website also discusses the features of games, price and fun facts about games. If you ever need to explore new video games, you know where you need to visit.


A website that puts emphasis on the emerging technologies and their impact on our lives is gigaom.com. it does not exactly talk about the product but technology behind it. It covers various aspects like the impact of technology on media, business and society. It gives a brief description of the technology formation as well which will surely satisfy the curious person inside you.


There are plenty of websites which write about technology but very few websites talk about other aspects such as the impact of technology, its cost, need and demand and its pros and cons. Venturebeat.com is a website that actually does not focus on the technology but their analysis. It will tell you about their effects and the idea behind the formation and all. It will not be wrong to say that this website unveils the layers of technology formation.


Engadget has changed the perspective of seeing technology. It believes that technology is just not about processers and bits of operation formation rather it sees technology as a whole idea behind the development of any new gadget. You will get information about the technology behind car formation to the reason why devices operate on our command. This website provides a brief description of the implementation of the idea to form a final tech product. Apart from that, Engadget has been reviewing gadgets since 2004 and their reviews are helpful as well.


Droid-life.com focuses on providing all sort of information related to the Android community. It does not only post about android devices but also review them for you. You can surely get you ideal Android phone based upon droid-life.com reviews. The website also posts a few tips and trick related to hacking which attract a good number of audience. Droid-life.com is also the place where you can get access to the android professionals if you are seeking some help for your android device.

This was all from our side. These were some websites where you will not only get updated tech world information but also some useful reviews. Before buying gadgets, you can refer these websites to find whether the gadget is worth buying for not. These websites are surely helping society to attain a better and advanced lifestyle.

So, if you are looking for someplace where you can latest tech information, these are some spaces you can visit.

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